Reason's Katherine Mangu-Ward Examines Fannie Mae and Bank of America's Contract

After Fannie Mae paid half of a billion in taxpayer dollars to get out of their contract with Bank of America, Reason's Katherine Mangu-Ward states, "Fannie Mae needs to make better deals in the future." On CNBC's Closing Bell aired September 18, 2012.

Duration 4:51

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  • Jesus H. Christ||

    Good job staying calm amidst the stupidity from that other guest. He is unwilling to accept that all parties who engage in voluntary contract are responsible for the terms. Everyone is a victim, even overpaid ivy league deutsch bags who manage contracts for fanny mae. I can't imagine being in that guy's head.

  • Tim||

    Did you mean to say Deutsche bags? Ach du lieber!

  • Hollywood||

    I've seen several clips now with Katherine on these cable news shows. I wish she would be less passive, it's frustrating to watch. More intensity Katherine!

  • ||

    This was awesome. His argument was basically "Bank of America did something bad before, so they should stop looking out for their interests". All of the other three were against him, I almost - ALMOST - feel sorry for him.

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