Matt Welch Discusses the GOP's Election Platform with Fox Business

Reason Editor in Chief Matt Welch discusses how the GOP will present their election platform in order to ban together its fractious and split base on Fox Business. Airdate August 27, 2012.

2.45 minutes.

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  • Tom Beebe||

    The struggle for "the soul" (control) of the GOP, and thus of any Romney Presidency, lies between Libetarians and Social Conservatives. In that context, the remarks of Todd Akin are the best news Liberatrians could wish for, for if they cost the GOP control of the Senate, as well they may, the SC agenda will come under scrutiny by the professional pols and its support may indeed wither. SC ideals can withstand assaults by liberals, for they are already in different camps, but I believe when fiscal conservatives are hurt by social conservatives, such as in the reelection of Mccaskill, any empathy between the two will evaporate.

  • ||

    When did the word "WONK" fly into everyone's vocabulary to describe Republicans?

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