Hangover Heaven: The Vegas Hangover Cure on Wheels

“When people come here, it’s not a matter of whether or not they’re going to have a hangover, it’s just a matter of how bad it’s going to be,” says Dr. Jason Burke, anesthesiologist and founder of Hangover Heaven.

Based in Las Vegas, Hangover Heaven roams the strip treating partygoers with IVs on a decked-out charter bus. Dr. Burke uses a combination of vitamins, magnesium and calcium to rehydrate patients and get toxins out of their systems after countless hours of drinking.  

“This is really innovative, individualized healthcare that meets a very direct need,” says ReasonTV’s Kennedy. Kennedy subjected herself to excessive amounts of alcohol in order to properly assess the IV treatment.

“I’m feeling great,” Kennedy said after a few minutes of drip therapy. The basic treatment costs $99 and takes about 45 minutes. Dr. Burke also accepts reservations in advance.

“We probably already have 40 people reserved for this coming weekend,” says Burke.

For more about Hangover Heaven, read Greg Beato's article here.

Written and produced by Tracy Oppenheimer. Shot by Alex Manning and Oppenheimer.

About 3 minutes.

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  • The Hammer||

    100 bucks? It sounds cool, but I'd rather buy 10 more drinks and take a cab to In-n-Out for the same price. I'll wait until the price comes down, a la lasik and plastic surgery, as long as insurance companies and the government don't get involved.

  • ntolman||


    This is what they use to treat your hangover. It includes so medications they administer via IV and it's not Rx-Only stuff. Which explains the cost and why it's run by a doctor.

  • The Hammer||

    Hangover Heaven has their own anon-bots?

  • ntolman||

    Nope, I'm a real person.

    Internet connection is spotty. Didn't realize one of my replies went through.

  • ntolman||

    Also, not affiliated with them.

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    I want to get shitfaced just to see if this actually does anything for a hangover. And also to be shitfaced.

  • ntolman||


    This is what they use to treat your hangover. It includes so medications they administer via IV and it's not Rx-Only stuff. Which explains the cost and why it's run by a doctor.

  • Hyperion||

    I just followed the link and read the list. I don't think it will work. The IV might help to rehydrate you, but you won't need it if you drink a quart of gatorade the night before. There is nothing going to help stop a headache and the general feeling of malaise from a hangaover besides some sort of sedative or antihistamine with a sedating effect. If they throw some valium in the mix, then it will probably be effective. Otherwise, I am calling BS on this.

  • Hyperion||

    After a heavy night of drinking, just take 2 benadryls with a quart of gatorade. When you wake up, you will feel a little spacey, but you will not have a headache. The spaciness will go away quickly after some caffeine, or after just being awake and moving around for a while if you don't drink coffee. This is really very effective and a lot cheaper than $99. I have tried lots of other stuff, but that is the only thing that works for me.

  • The Hammer||

    Where do I send my check? Is this like a membership deal, or do I need to send you $99 every time I do this?

  • Agile Cyborg||

    Eh, few can drink me under a table and after years of doing this I would only change that drinking Gatorade or water DURING the night in quantity is actually better than rehydrating AFTER a heavy night of boozing.

  • NotSure||

    Its all about what you drink, if you drink cheap beers and wine you will get a hangover. If you drink good wines and beers that adhere to the Reinheitsgebot you will not get a hangover, no matter how much you drink. Its supposedly the chemicals in cheap drinks that create bad hangovers.

  • Hyperion||

    Sorry, NotSure, but I am sure that you are wrong. You can get a terrible hangover from the best beer, and an even worse one from wine. The alcohol dehydrates you and wreaks havoc on your nervous system. While it is true, shitty beer will give you a worse hangover, if you drink enough of any beer you will get a whopper of a hangover. I don't normally get hangovers anymore, but if I really overdo it, I will.

  • ntolman||

    Don't see how the Reinheitsgebot would prevent hangovers.

  • ||

    Stick to vodka and stay away from mixers that have sugar in them. Drink less than 8 oz of vodka and you get a pretty decent drunk and no hangover. Ok, less than 10 oz.. Oh, fuck it, pour me another one.....

    *falls face down into drink*

  • Hyperion||

    You can drink as much of those mixers as you want, sem alcohol, and you will mysteriously get no hangover. It's the dehydrating effect of the alcohol and the byproducts of burning off the alcohol, like acetaldehyde, that makes you sick.

  • Evan from Evansville||

    I call bullshit on a lot of myths on alcohol and hangovers.

    My least favorite: There is NO difference in the type of drunk/hangover you get from different types of alcohol. NONE. There is no such thing as "tequila drunk" that is magically different than "whiskey drunk." I m

    The only thing that matters is amount of alcohol over how much time, and of course the individual themselves. I will say there is probably a difference between Liquor Drunk and Beer Drunk, only because in general it takes longer to drink enough beer for someone with a decent tolerance to get good and smashed.

    If someone can point me to a place that elucidates how grain/potato/agave/barley/etc distillation produces different types of ethanol that affect the human nervous system differently, I might change my belief.

  • John Galt||

    Kennedy makes me want to drink.

  • TiggFooo||

    Sometimes you jsut have to jump up in the air and shout, Whos your Daddy!


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