Banning Soda, Lessons from Wisconsin, & Obama the Pot Smoker

"In the same week that NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg was pushing the idea [of banning super-size soft drinks] he also celebrated National Donut Day with the world's largest box of Entenmann's donuts that were the size of manhole covers," says ReasonTV's Nick Gillespie. "And that's OK, but God forbid you get that 17-ounce soda."

Gillespie joins Reason Magazine's Matt Welch and KFI DJ Kennedy for a wide-ranging discussion of the hypocrisy of the proposed soda ban, the real lessons of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's recall victory, and the revelation that our drug-fighting commander-in-chief Barack Obama was once a "puff-puff passer."

About 8 minutes. Shot by Jim Epstein, Meredith Bragg, and Josh Swain, and edited by Epstein.

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