The 12 Days of Wikileaks

The famous Christmas carol "The 12 Days of Christmas" is a classic holiday song counting down increasingly lavish gifts bestowed by the singer's "true love." I would not call Julian Assange, the controversial founder of, the website that has made national headlines for publishing classified documents, my true love, but he has gifted the world some interesting, shocking and sometimes hysterical information. Here is our musical take on Julian Assange in "The 12 Days of Wikileaks."

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12 Days of WikiLeaks:
1) A Bromance with Berlusconi
2) Moammar's Hot Blondie
3) Global Warming Thuggery
4) France's naked emperor
5) Libya and Lockerbie
6) Missiles Claimed by Yemen
7) Ailing Ayatollah
8) Pimping Saudi Princes
9) Football Sought by Junta
10) Ahmadinejad like Hitler
11) Blindsided in Georgia
12) Saudis Want a Bombing

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