T. Markus Funk on The International Criminal Court

T. Markus Funk is a former Oxford law professor who has worked for the U.S. Departments of Justice and State and the author of the new book Victims' Rights and Advocacy at the International Criminal Court (he was also a Reason contributor in the 1990s).

Drawing on his experiences as a legal observer in Kosovo, Funk has written a book that provides insight and criticism of the way the International Criminal Court has functioned and, more importantly, should function. His book, writes Enver Hasani of the Kosovo Constitutional Court, "is a perfectly candid, and at times quite disheartening, assessment of the ICC's shortcomings, while also acknowledging its strengths. Providing a roadmap to reform and the establishment of a more 'professionalized' Court, Mr. Funk's book succeeds entirely in its bold effort to marry the theory of victims' rights with the practice of victim representation."

Approximately 10 minutes. Shot by Meredith Bragg and Dan Hayes, who also edited the piece.

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