Advice Goddess Amy Alkon on Beating Some Manners into Impolite Society

"I don't like regulations," says Amy Alkon, a syndicated advice columnist who blogs daily at "I like to shame people into behaving better."'s Ted Balaker sat down with Alkon to discuss her new book, I See Rude People: One woman's battle to beat some manners into impolite society. Alkon explains how she and others mix chutzpah with technology to fight back against the insane drivers, coffee-house yackers, and subway perverts who make our lives miserable.

Interview by Ted Balaker. Shot by Alex Manning and Paul Detrick. Edited by Alex Manning. Music: "I Think I Started a Trend," by Brad Sucks (Magnatune Records).

Just under 10 minutes. Scroll down for embed code and downloadable versions.

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