Jason Talley and Pete Eyre's Excellent Adventure

Here's a heart-warming scene from today's America: Two liberty-loving, new-media-savvy lads, Jason Talley of the Atlas Economic Research Foundation and Pete Eyre, have left Washington, D.C. in an RV to tool around America and tell tales of freedom and oppression. Driving north to New Hampshire, they'll be heading west and lighting out for Los Angeles. And then they'll head back east.

Tally and Eyre are blogging, tweeting, and YouTubing their adventures and encounters along the way at Motorhomediaries.com.

Shortly before this latter-day, Rothbard-grokking Sal Paradise and Dean Moriarity hit the road, they sat down and talked with Reason.tv about their trip. And how they plan to avoid the apocalyptic outcomes of RV movies such as Race with the Devil and Lost in America.

Approximately seven minutes. Interview by Nick Gillespie; shot by Dan Hayes and Meredith Bragg; edited by Dan Hayes.

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