Letters for Charlie

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Like many others, Cheryl Aichele been outraged by the federal government's efforts to imprison former medical marijuana dispensary operator Charles C. Lynch. However, Cheryl hasn't just stewed in her anger. She has been wonderfully generous with her time, doing everything from organizing rallies to (now) spearheading a letter writing campaign:

You can help save an law-biding citizen from going to federal prison by simply writing a letter to his judge and asking for leniency in sentencing which is scheduled to happen January 12, 2009.

That honorable man is Charles C. Lynch the former operator of the medical marijuana dispensary called Central Coast Compassionate Caregivers in Morro Bay, Ca. By some estimates Charlie faces up 100 years in federal prison due to sentencing guidelines. However, anytime behind bars would be a travesty of justice in this situation.

I first learned of this story because of Drew Carey's ReasonTV piece and I think Reason for following this story so thoroughly. I've dedicated my personal time to help save Charlie. I'm looking for media support, letters of support to the judge and any support you can offer.

Sample letter and guidelines can be found here.

For reason.tv's coverage of the trial:

GUILTY (includes the only on-camera interview with the jury foreperson)

Waiting for the Jury

Silencing Owen

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