Jim Tusty: The Singing Revolution

The Singing Revolution documents how the people of Estonia led a peaceful revolt against Soviet oppression, using a centuries-old tradition of folk music and a quadrennial national song festival as a powerful means of subverting Moscow's tyranny. Upon its freedom in 1991 and under the direction of libertarian Prime Minister Mart Laar, Estonia rapidly became one of the most economically and politically free countries in the world.

James Tusty, the co-producer and co-director of the film, recently sat down with reason.tv to talk about the deep politics of The Singing Revolution and the need for historical awareness when talking about freedom and liberty.

Click above to view Tusty's interview.

Bonus videos: On January 23, 2008 Jim Tusty visited reason HQ in Washington DC to speak about the film. He was introduced by reason editor Matt Welch.

Here's a condensed version of the presentation made by Mart Laar at the 2006 Reason in Amsterdam conference (produced and set to music by Paul Feine--special thanks to Luc Sala for videotaping the event). Introducing Laar is Tom Beach, a trustee of Reason Foundation, the nonprofit that publishes the print, online, and video versions of reason.

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