Cody Wilson Talks 3-D Printed Guns and Bitcoin

"Cody Wilson: Happiness is a 3D Printed Gun," produced by Todd Krainin. About 28 minutes.

Original release date was April 18, 2014, and original writeup is below.

"Legal encapsulation is not effectively possible," declares Cody Wilson of Defense Distributed, maker of the world's first gun made via 3D printing technology. "So it's fun to kind of challenge the state to greater and greater levels of its own hyper-statism."

Last year, Wilson and crew unveiled The Liberator, a plastic pistol that fired a shot heard around the world. Then they put the 3D-printing files (or CADs) up on the Internet for free.

To folks interested in cutting-edge technology and decentralized experiments in living, Wilson's gun symbolized an age of uncontrollable freedom. To lawmakers, it symbolized a threat that moved faster than, well, a speeding bullet. The State Department, in fact, shut down Defense Distributed's ability to disseminate the gun files on the Internet, claiming the nonprofit was violating federal rules about exporting munitions.

A self-declared crypto-anarchist, 26-year-old Wilson is fighting the situation in court—and relishing every minute of his battle with the government.

While he's aggressively challenging restrictions on 3D-printed guns, Wilson is also working on an innovative Bitcoin project called Dark Wallet, which would further anonymize financial transactions on the Web, and a book intended to inspire a new generation of digital libertarians.

Reason TV's Todd Krainin sat down with Wilson at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas.

About 28 minutes. Produced by Todd Krainin. Cameras by Paul Detrick and Alexis Garcia.

Among the topics covered (with approximate time): how the State Department is shutting down Wilson's 3-D printable gun business (3:58); what it's like to be surveilled by the Department of Homeland Security (8:50); what is the Liberator 3-D printed gun? (11:00); how printable guns will change the dynamic of political power (14:30); will this challenge to the state lead to more personal freedom? (16:15); and how does the Internet break down the politics of gun control? (17:35)

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    [Needz less editing]

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    Declare those pennies on your eyes!

    "Amsterdam fined Holocaust victims for unpaid taxes while they were in camps"
    "The City of Amsterdam collected more than $10 million from Holocaust survivors who were charged ground lease fees for periods they spent in hiding or in concentration camps, researchers said."

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    Christ is risen.

    er something.

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    We are planning a special dinner. Weight Watchers pizza. After that I'm going to sniff the cork of my favorite bourbon.

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    If I buy a 3D printer with bitcoin, how fast will civilization collapse?

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    About half the speed required for all your AM LINKS First Posts

  • Irish||

    I still love the Vice video of Cody Wilson because the Vice guys are clearly hyperventilating about the horror of readily available firearms.

    It amazes me that progressives can claim to be rebellious and then throw a hissy fit when they run into actual rebels.

  • Cytotoxic||

    They made him look like Osama in AQ footage from the late '90s. Which I think is awesome.

  • DH||

    I always thought they considered themselves the "Common Sensers". Cause apparently everything they believe in and stand for is just "common sense".

  • Irish||

    That's true of some progs, but there's always been a delusional amount of faux-rebellion on the progressive left.

    The fact that progs control virtually every government agency, control American education, and run Hollywood and the media is completely ignored. Progressives are simply a put upon minority forever at war with the arch-Capitalists that run the world.


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