Brickbat: You Call That a Quiche?

Australian Capital Territory health officials have banned parents from selling homemade foods containing meat or dairyat school fund-raising events. A government spokeswoman said the rules are aimed at reducing food poisoning. The government has no data on how frequently people get food poisoning from eating things they bought at school fund raisers.

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  • ||

    Everyone knows it's impossible to get food poisoning in Australia because everyone drinks Foster's Lager with their meals. Including children. What Sheila came up with this?

  • BakedPenguin||

    Some whinging drongo who had to chuck a sickie because someone dind't leave the shrimp on the barbie long enough.

    Harden the fuck up, ACT.

  • ||

    Don't mess with our tucker!

  • BakedPenguin||

    I so wish ifh had been here for this.

  • Agammamon||

    Not to mention, since *everything* in Austria is poisonous, no-one there survives to adulthood without becoming immune to some pansy toxin.

  • Aresen||

    Not to mention, since *everything* in Austria is poisonous....

    I told you not to eat the sacher torte.

  • Live Free or Diet||

    1 in 5 food poisonings come from leafy greens.

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    Examples of low-risk foods at fetes are cakes, slices, muffins and biscuits that do not contain high-risk food products, such as cream and custard.
  • Live Free or Diet||

    Slices? I used to know an Australian lady who called brownies "slices."

  • Eduard van Haalen||

    Hello, tofu and soy milk quiche!

  • Ted S.||

    Real men don't eat quiche, anyway.

  • Live Free or Diet||

    We eat egg, cream and cheese pie.

  • SQRLSY One||

    Real men gnaw on raw mammoth bones!

  • Live Free or Diet||

    And to think the local pastor turned green when he saw me butcher a goat.

  • Swiss Servator, referendiffic!||

    We need someone to throw a drop bear on the ACT health officials.

  • JidaKida||

    I think they may be onto something for sure. WOw.

  • Aresen||

    The government has no data on how frequently people get food poisoning from eating things they bought at school fund raisers.

    From my own experience and observation at school/community/club fundraisers, I'd say it runs (and runs) close to 90%.

  • Pinky||

    It's the precautionary principle applied to bake sales.


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