Dutch Diplomat Beaten in Moscow Days After Russian Diplomat Claims Dutch Police Beat Him

dipReasonA diplomatic spat between the Netherlands and Russia that started when Russian authorities detained Greenpeace activists operating in Russian waters now includes a pair of diplomat beatings.

From the Washington Post:

Relations between Russia and the Netherlands have taken an odd turn recently. Last month, Russia seized a Greenpeace ship sailing under the Dutch flag. Just over a week ago, a high-level Russian diplomat in The Hague complained that police had beaten him. Then, Tuesday night, a Dutch diplomat of the same rank in Moscow said two men jumped him as he entered his apartment and roughed him up, leaving him bound with tape.

A Russian news Web site that enjoys good connections with the security services showed a photo of a mirror in the apartment on which the men had reportedly drawn a heart with lipstick around the Russian-language equivalent of the letters LGBT. Police said nothing was taken from the apartment.

Vladimir Putin called for and received an apology for the incident with the Russian diplomat. Russia expressed regret over this incident, opening a criminal investigation.

About 30 Greenpeace activists were arrested late last month allegedly trying to climb an oil platform, charged with piracy, and placed in pre-trial detention. The Netherlands lodged a complaint with a UN tribunal for the sea earlier this month to secure the release of the activists and their boat, which was sailing under the Dutch flag.

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  • JeremyR||

    Er, how is trying to take over an oil platform not piracy?

    Just because leftists commit a crime, doesn't mean it's not a crime. Like how the Occupy movement got away with all sorts of stuff.

  • Scarecrow Repair||

    Search volokh.com a couple of weeks back, one of the conspirators is all het up over it. Says it is at most trespassing, not piracy, and unfair. Hates that they are jailed for two months until the court hearing too. Part of the claim is the usual legal quibbling about this oil rig being anchored to the bottom in shallow water and thus not a vessel, which it must be for piracy.

    My attitude is probably like yours and most people. They were trespassing and deserve what they get. Even if they had no intentions other than hanging a banner, the oil rig security people didn't know what was going on, and it's their damned oil rig! Suck it, Greenpeace.

  • Carolynp||

    I'm guessing the days of greenpeacers acting like terrorists is over in Asia. While I'm not fond of the tactics, I'm not sure how else one can deal with people who recklessly destroy other people's property. Maybe Russia has the right idea: thin the herd. When these guys get out of "pre trial detention" at 85, perhaps they will restrain their baser instincts.

  • SIV||

    I'd love to see Greenpeace pirates gibbeted.

  • np||

    Just over a week ago, a high-level Russian diplomat in The Hague complained that police had beaten him. Then, Tuesday night, a Dutch diplomat of the same rank in Moscow said two men jumped him as he entered his apartment and roughed him up, leaving him bound with tape.

    There are more than enough beatings to go around. Have you had your fair share of beatings today?

  • ||

    The Dutch Greenpeacers got off easy with the Russians. The French sank a Greenpeace boat in 1985.

  • playa manhattan||

    The documentary about that (the name of which escapes me) is fascinating. Scuttled yachts, submarines, sex, etc...

  • ||


    You've piqued my interest. Go on....

  • Almanian!||

    In Russia, hasty retreat beats YOU!


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