Japan to Lodge Official Complaint About French Cartoon Lampooning Post-Fukushima Tokyo Olympics

don't get offendedReason 24/7Last week, Tokyo beat out bids from Istanbul and Madrid to host the 2020 Summer Olympics despite concerns about the ongoing problems with the Fukushima nuclear plant, disabled after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Those concerns, nevertheless, are likely to continue, and Japan is upset about the way one satirical French newspaper decided to express them.

From the BBC:

Japan will formally protest about a cartoon in a French satirical weekly of sumo wrestlers with extra limbs at the stricken Fukushima nuclear plant.

The caption says: "Thanks to Fukushima, sumo is now an Olympic sport", a reference to Tokyo's successful bid to host the 2020 Olympic Games.

You can see the cartoon, below the fold:

needs labelsLe Canard Enchaine

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  • WTF||


  • Swiss Servator - Gnome Slave||

    What is French for "Bok" anyways?

  • Lord Humungus||

    Jerry Lewis?

  • Shmurphy||


  • Hugh Akston||

    If that's the closest the French can get to humor it's no wonder they rolled over for the Nazis.

  • The Rt. Hon. Serious Man, Visc||

    The Nazis are funnier than the French?

  • WTF||

    Well, they did appreciate the funniest joke in the world.

  • Hillary's Clitdong||

    Chip Bok is published in French?

  • Paul.||

    No, Chip Bok is published in English.

  • Slammer||

    Japan complaining about offensive and weird cartoons is beyond epic irony.

  • WTF||

    Well, maybe they wouldn't complain if there were more tentacles.

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    Is that Will Ferrell?

  • WTF||

    Well, no wonder it's not funny.

  • mr simple||

    The French love him.

  • WTF||

    I guess that explains Jerry Lewis.

  • Paul.||

    It's a feedback loop of people who have no first amendment and don't even grok free speech.

    *gets out popcorn*

  • Killazontherun||

    OT for the Warty One.

    This Will Be The Best Bluegrass Version Of 'Enter Sandman' You Will Ever Hear. Guaranteed.


  • ||

    That was cool.

  • Paul.||

    Well, not the best bluegrass version, but pretty good.

  • Paul.||

    Gourds Gin and Juice is better.


  • Floridian||

    Are the French the largest nuclear energy country in Europe? How are they lampooning nuclear when they are the largest producer?

  • Brandon||

    Their nuclear plants haven't been on the news recently.

  • Smilin' Joe Fission||

    Fukushima really has no news worthy news going on, and hasn't for about 2 years. But scare mongering does sell.

  • Scooby||

    Well, except for the recent news that storage tanks at Fukushima are leaking and contaminating groundwater. It's not the end of the world, but the fuck-ups do continue in Japan.

  • Smilin' Joe Fission||

    Only a big deal if you worry about things that won't hurt anybody or anything. It's a problem that needs to be fixed but not headline worthy. I do blame part of this on TEPCO's awful reports they release.

  • Scooby||

    I wouldn't quite say there's zero potential for harm, and that there's nothing to see, move along. It's not front-page-above -the-fold newsworthy, but they haven't managed to contain their waste, so yes, they've earned some renewed bad press.

  • Paul.||

    They're lampooning Japanese Nuclear. Big difference.

  • Smilin' Joe Fission||

    Jap's use US designed reactor's, French mainly use french designed reactors (even though they are derivatives of the initial light water reactors designed by the US). So really they are chirping the US. I think we need to get Obama on this.. just a pin prick strike, just to keep them in line.

  • Smilin' Joe Fission||

    French get about 80% of their electricity from nuclear. They are a great example of how nuclear really doesn't take that long to build. They decided to go majority nuclear after the oil crisis in the 70's which took them about 2 decades to almost completely convert to nuclear power for electricity.

  • Floridian||

    Oh no. I have to admit the French got something right.

  • SugarFree||

    L'horloge arrêtée

    (some english words for the stupid filter)

  • Stormy Dragon||

    What do they do with the waste?

    I bet the answer is they either dump it in the ocean or they dump it in Algeria.

  • Smilin' Joe Fission||

    I think they reprocess a lot of it. But all of France's waste from the last 20 years fits in one single warehouse. People don't seem to realize the absolutely minuscule amount of waste nuclear reactors produce for the enormous amount of power they produce.

    All of the spent fuel from the U.S.'s nuclear reactors beginning in the 50's would cover a football field 7 yards deep.

  • Lord Humungus||

    OT: Official Arizona GOP Body Passes Formal Rebuke of John McCain

    “His back room dealings, insatiable war drum, and eroding base call to question why this man is our Senator,” Papke, who is also a candidate for Tempe, AZ, City Council, said in an email. "It is my hope that Senators McCain and Flake work to reestablish their relationships with the boots on the ground members of Legislative District 26 Republicans."

    This latest rebuke comes on the heels of the Maricopa County GOP blistering McCain in recent web literature, and his increased distance from Republicans in the state, including the House GOP delegation, as Breitbart News has reported.
  • Anonymous Coward||

    You TEAM Red constiuents keep mouthing off to Senator Keating Five and he's going to slap you in the teeth with his diamond-hard warboner.

  • Irish||

    This latest rebuke comes on the heels of the Maricopa County GOP blistering McCain in recent web literature, and his increased distance from Republicans in the state, including the House GOP delegation, as Breitbart News has reported.

    I'd take Maricopa County's opinion more seriously if they didn't let that fascist jackbooted thug Joe Arpaio serve as their sheriff for the last 20 years.

  • Fatty Bolger||

    It's funny because it's not true.

  • The Last American Hero||

    If your warboner lasts more than 4-6 hours, do you need to seek medical attention?

  • Smilin' Joe Fission||

    If your warboner lasts more than 4-6 hours, seek medical attention more war.

  • SugarFree||

    Having one for 20 years hasn't killed McCain yet.

  • Shmurphy||

    Threat Level: BUTTHURT


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