Watch Fox News Redeye Tonight, Featuring the One and Only Remy!


You've thrilled to him in Reason TV vids such as the one above (a rebuttal to Jim Carrey's "Cold Dead Hand"), "Imagine (There's No YouTube)," "Raise the Debt Ceiling Rap," "Occupy Wall Street Protest Song," "Why They Fought," "Grandma Got Indefinitely Detained," and many more.

Now watch intergalactic internet sensation Remy Munasifi on Fox News' Red Eye With Greg Gutfeld tonight; airs on Fox News at 3am ET.

More details here.

And check out Remy's YouTube page here. Follow him on Twitter at @goremy.

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    Progs can't find enough unborn human babies to kill, turn to cats.

    Forced Kitty Abortions

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    Sorry, thread hijack on first post..


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