Global Temperature Trend Update - March 2013

Hot or not?Credit: DreamstimeEvery month University of Alabama in Huntsville climatologists John Christy and Roy Spencer report the latest global temperature trends from satellite data. Below are the newest data updated through March 2013:

Global climate trend since Nov. 16, 1978: +0.14 C per decade

March temperatures (preliminary)

Global composite temp.: +0.18 C (about 0.32 degrees Fahrenheit) above 30-year average for March.

Northern Hemisphere: +0.33 C (about 0.59 degrees Fahrenheit) above 30-year average for March.

Southern Hemisphere: +0.04 C (about 0.07 degrees Fahrenheit) above 30-year average for March.

Tropics: +0.22 C (about 0.40 degrees Fahrenheit) above 30-year average for March.

Go here to see the monthly satellite data from 1978 to the present.

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  • Almanian!||


    /wicked witch

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    Just give it to me straight, doc. How much time until here in Western PA we're swimming in warm Atlantic waters?

  • Lost_In_Translation||

    Not soon enough.

  • Bee Tagger||

    This is what it looks like when a man is controlling the thermostat and this is what it looks like when a woman is controlling the thermostat. Take my global temperature trend update, please.

  • robc||

    I was waiting for this...

    Ron, do you have any detailed breakdown other than hemisphere?

    Considering that there was no spring at all in March this year for me, I want to know who is fucking things up by being warm?

    I know Europe was cold too, as there were some soccer matches canceled due to ice/snow, which is unusual in March.

  • robc||

    Answering a bit of my own question:

    US48, which I assume is the US 48 continguous states, were -1.00 degrees for March. That was the coldest month in the US (relative to the average) since Feb of 2010.

    It sucks that the data doesnt have many more columns of land mass results.

  • robc||

    Coldest US March since 2002.

  • Ron Bailey||

    r: Christy & Spencer have just announced that they will be releasing a US48 and US49 data series soon. US49 includes Alaska, btw.

  • robc||

    Im more interested in seeing a western europe,eastern europe,asia series, as US48 and US49 seem to be covered in the data you linked to.

  • robc||

    US49 includes Alaska, btw.

    I figured that. Including Hawaii would have been silly.

    Or, you know, all 50 US states EXCEPT Mississippi. Not that I wouldnt support that.

  • Bee Tagger||

    Is it getting hot in here or should robc and the global temperature trend update get a room already?

  • Smack MacDougal||

    Every month University of Alabama in Huntsville climatologists John Christy and Roy Spencer render a useless report — temperature departure from the average of recorded temperatures between the years 1981 through 2010.

    A statistically meaningless 30 years from this inter-glacial period reveals nothing to humans.

    Putting up a pretty picture does not turn pseudo-science into authentic science.

    Reason ought to stop running this meaningless series.


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