Brickbat: Beyond the Pale

ItzikeItzikeLibyan officials banned author Bernard-Henri Levy from traveling to that country with former French president Nicolas Sarkozy because Levy is Jewish. They reportedly said they feared Levy would become a target for Islamic extremists.

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  • Fist of Etiquette||

    Oh, pshaw. Unless he uploaded a youtube he's got nothing to worry about in Libya.

  • Counterfly||

    They really do hate cute kitten videos.

  • db||

    Will Roman Polanski step up to defend him?

  • Jerry on the boat||

    But they do invite Sarkozy, who also has Jewish blood?

  • John Galt||

    Maybe it's just the Tribe of Levi they hate.

  • Counterfly||

    What if Sarkozy was wearing Levi's?

  • db||

    Wearing Levi's what?

  • Counterfly||

  • db||

    Yeah I'm aware of that.

  • Number 2||

    Hooray Obama, another triumph for Democracy!

    Quick, let's intervene in Syria and bring similar enlightenment there.

  • SumpTump||

    Sometimes man you jsut have to roll with the punches!

  • Almanian!||

    Wow! That dude sure has his act together.

  • ||

    Like Nancy said, my mom's hairdresser's nephew earned over $3296 on the internet in just one day. I didn't believe it until she showed me her new monocle.

  • John Galt||


  • db||


  • ||

    *Bows to Old Man*

    I had me going there for a second until I glanced back up at your name. Good one.

    But....shouldnt Nancy have just implied or suggested it?

  • ||

    Damn, you're right. But I'm in the hospital this week and my mind isn't at its sharpest. My apologies to my fellow commenters for non-optimization of a perfectly good gag.

  • ||

    Oh, also, there has to be a link (either JUMP30 or some garbled mini-URL) and seven or eight misspellings. So I truly screwed the pooch.

  • John||

    This is how lefty double speak works. See we have to restrict the movement of the (Jews, enemies, radicals, racists or whoever) for their own safety. Next they will have to take them into protective custody.


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