Brickbat: Welsh Badger Don't Care

Jonathunder / FoterJonathunder / FoterThe Welsh TV network S4C refused the government's call not to show a rerun of a soap opera episode in which one character claimed the government doesn't have the backbone to cull badgers carrying tuberculosis. The line a is a reference to a real-life badger cull the government planned then called off in favor of trying to vaccinate wild badgers. The government complains the program violates broadcasting guidllines by not offering it a chance to reply to the charge.

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    Criticizing the government is a violation of the government's right to free speech!

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    The government should have CGI'd in a propaganda minister to rebut the characters.

    Optional alternate jokes:

    "Badgers? We don't need no bloody badgers."

    Didn't they learn anything from St. Patrick and the snakes?

    Autistic weasels, that's the last thing we need.

  • Counterfly||

    So they win the 6 Nations cup and get all uppity. eh?

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    "The government complains the program violates broadcasting guidllines by not offering it a chance to reply to the charge."

    I see a threat in there.

    Is the network somehow preventing the thought police from buying air time to propagandize? If they get this ruffled over something so petty, imagine how they would react to serious criticism on a serious issue.

    Every citizen of 'great' britain should hang their head in shame over what they have allowed themselves to become.

  • Counterfly||

    Every subject you mean. And most of them are freaking proud of it. You saw the NHS love-in at the Olympics.

    Free speech is a small price to pay for free health care.

  • phandaal||

    The NHS love was absurd. One of the dumbest opening ceremonies of all time. We ended up turning it off and going out to dinner instead.

  • CatoTheElder||




  • R C Dean||

    So, give 'em equal time. Sounds like a throwaway line, so give the gov 15 seconds reply time. Put it in a fake newscast or something.

  • SumpTump||

    Sounds like one heck of an idea to me dude.

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    It proves to be a tipping point for cash-strapped farmer's wife, the character Cathryn Richards, known as "Cadno", who takes a rifle out and kills one of the infected cows.

    That's the Welsh idea of a soap opera? Take that, Bold and the Beautiful!

  • Xenocles||

    I guess there's not enough time on the rest of the state-owned media to reply.

  • Question of Auban||

    "The government complains the program violates broadcasting guidllines by not offering it a chance to reply to the charge."

    Did Monty Python have to work under those constraints? Or the Producers of "Yes, Minister" and "Yes, Prime Minister"?

  • CatoTheElder||

    Or "House of Cards" (original British version)?

  • Bardas Phocas||

    On this side of the pond:
    Write an article about the fine racial relations in Philly - and not mouth the PC pieties - Mayor demands an "investigation" by the orwellian 'Human Relations Commission.'

    “I think he feels that there are enough problems in this article that it warrants a closer look,”

  • ||

    Pennsylvania should detach Philadelphia and Pittsburgh from itself, and a profound sense of purity and cleanliness will rush over its citizens at last.

  • Bardas Phocas||

    That's not much, since they'd still be living in Pennsylvania.

  • SugarFree||

    Or, as it should be called, North Northern Kentucky.

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    NO IT MOST CERTAINLY SHOULD NOT. Kentucky is South West Pennsylvania. We get top billing.

  • SugarFree||

    It's Pennsyltucky, not Kennsylvania.

  • Cavpitalist||

    As long as PA hangs on to Waynesboro.

    National treasure.

  • Rich||

    The article, titled “Being White in Philly,” features a series of interviews with anonymous white residents from different areas of the city who share stories about their interaction with black residents.

    No problem, though, if the article had been “Being *Black* in Philly".

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    Racism is only okay if a minority espouses it.

    What the fuck is a Human Relations Commission anyway, a media regulator? How the hell is that even permissible?

  • Ptah-Hotep||

    What the fuck is a Human Relations Commission anyway,...

    Thought police.

  • Professional Target||

    What the fuck is a Human Relations Commission anyway

    Illegal at least three ways under the First Amendment: freedom of speech, freedom of press and freedom to associate.

  • Bardas Phocas||

    Just your generic city civil rights enforcement agency [community orginizers and racialist professionals with cushy patronage jobs], that appears to be branching out into media regulation.

    The Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations(PCHR) and Fair Housing Commission (FHC) is the City agency that enforces civil rights laws and deals with all matters of intergroup conflict within the city.

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    Sounds like something from a Soviet republic. Fuck them.

  • Rich||

    The government complains the program violates broadcasting guidllines by not offering it a chance to reply to the charge.

    You're the fucking *government*. Make your own bloody "chance".

    And just what is a "guidlline"? Must be Welsh for something.

  • Brandybuck||

    A guidline is what they use to mark the yardage in a game of guidditch.

  • Rich||

    Well, duh, of course.

    But WTF is a "guidlline"?

  • R C Dean||

    I thought that was the mark on the guillotine to make sure you had the neck in the right place.

  • sarcasmic||

    badger badger badger badger
    badger badger badger badger
    badger badger badger badger

  • Rich||

    I'm not sure what that means.

    But it's probably RACIST!

  • ||

  • CatoTheElder||

    I see a snake.

  • Mongo||

    Kill the Badger by Wm. S. Burroughs

    (No - 'Badger' was not his wife's nickname)


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