Here are some recent articles that are worth reading in the days before the 2012 Election.

Who's Getting Our Votes: Reason Writers' 2012 Presidential Picks.

From Peter Bagge to Matt Welch, over two dozen folks who work at or write for Reason say who they're voting for; whether Obama or Romney will be worse on civil liberties, economic policy, and more; and which down-ballot races matter most.

Related: Matt Welch breaks down Reason voting disclosures from 2004, 2008, and 2012.

The Libertarian Case for Barack Obama: He is the lesser of two big-government, Harvard-educated evils, by Mike Godwin. [Link fixed]

The Libertarian Case for Mitt Romney: He will be significantly less bad than Barack Obama, by Robert Poole.

The Libertarian Case for Gary Johnson: He's not going to win the election. But a strong showing by him may just win the future, by Nick Gillespie.

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