FREE: Kindle Edition of High Desert Barbecue, Oct. 27-28

That's right. On October 27-28, the Kindle edition of High Desert Barbecue will be free, gratis, no charge to all-comers. Already have a copy? Impress your friends by gifting them with copies that don’t cost you a  frigging dime. Hey, who’s to know you’re a cheapskate? I won’t tell.

High Desert Barbecue, a book of the month selection of the Freedom Book Club, was reviewed by Prometheus Unbound as:

Equal parts prose that Kurt Vonnegut would approve of, eccentricity like you might find in a Coen brothers dark comedy, and libertarian morals embracing the permissive side.

Ars Gratia Libertatis called it:

A great read. Filled with likable characters, tons of humor, and a nice sprinkling of libertarianism throughout, its breezy style makes it an easy story to pick up and get into.

Remember, the totally free Kindle edition will be available Saturday, October 27 and Sunday, October 28 here.

Because of High Desert Barbecue‘s participation in KDP Select, which makes this promotion possible, other electronic versions will be temporarily unavailable. However, the Nook, PDF and DRM-free ebook will be back with the new year.

The dead-tree edition remains wonderfully available, though.

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  • Heroic Mulatto||

    We don't want 'sexual tension', we want explicit pornography.

    When are you going to give us what we want, Tuccille?

  • jdtuccille||

    You can't always get what you want. But, if you try some time, you just might find ...

  • Bee Tagger||

    ... a movie soundtrack choice for characters accepting their flawed lives and moving on with a positive frame of mind?

  • jdtuccille||

    And, it's heartwarming.

  • Heroic Mulatto||

  • Bardas Phocas||

    You make John "not a cougar" Mellencamp cry.
    Snagged it. Thanks.

  • Almanian's Evil Twin||

    I think it's cool that you're doing this. Thanks! I don't have a Kindle, but suggested that my wife download it so I can read it on hers.

    Thanks again!

  • jdtuccille||

    My pleasure! If it helps, Kindle software that lets you read books on a laptop or tablet is also available for free download from Amazon.

  • Almanian's Evil Twin||


    I mean, thanks!

  • ||

    my wife has a kindle, so...

    nothing like a sprinkle of libertarianism in the morning,

  • Brett L||

    Its a good read. I am highly supportive. Also, I think its one big-foot rape away from hitting most of the H&R tropes.

  • Cdr Lytton||

    *spoiler warning*

    But it does! The rapist is granola enough that she probably looks like one. Call her SHEILA SMITH.

  • Cdr Lytton||

    And ditto on the tropes. Had me laughing.

  • Almanian's Evil Twin||




  • T||

    See, this is how you pimp a book on the blog. Other Reason staffers (Gillespie & Welch, I'm looking at you) should be taking notes.

  • The Hammer||

    Worth every penny!

  • The Hammer||

    BTW, Tuccille, I'm the one who complained a few weeks ago about the formatting on the first-edition Nook. I checked it on my laptop and phone Nook apps and it looks normal on both. So, not sure what happened with the actual Nook; maybe B&N is hinting that I need to upgrade.

  • jdtuccille||

    I'm glad to hear that. There do seem to be some consistency issues across the e-readers. It can be frustrating.

  • The Hammer||

    There oughta be a law...


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