A Look Back at Reason TV's RNC Coverage

The Democratic National Convention is nearly upon us. Soon the airwaves will be filled with awkward speeches, jingoism, and funny hats. As a reminder of last week's awkward speeches, jingoism, and funny hats, here is a playlist of Reason TV's coverage of the 2012 Republican National Convention.

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  • Fist of Etiquette||

    Good job, even if I got burnt out on the coverage after a while.

    That said, I can't wait to see reason's coverage of the Democratic convention. And after that, Zach and Tracy going around the country solving mysteries.

  • EDG reppin' LBC||

    Tracy is Daphne, and Lucy is Velma? Nick as Fred, and Zach as Shaggy. Matt as Scooby Doo, and Baylen Linnekin as Scrappy Doo.

  • ||


    Never call Lucy Velma. Lucy is the villain. And she would have gotten away with it if it weren't for you meddling commenters!

  • ||

    Tracy Oppenheimer is a total cutie. MOAR of her.


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