Reason Writers on TV: Peter Suderman Talks ObamaCare, Mitt Romney on The Melissa Harris-Perry Show

On Wednesday, March 25, Reason Senior Editor Peter Suderman appeared on MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry show to discuss the Supreme Court health care case and the what the GOP primary says about the state of the Republican party. Approximately 23 minutes. 

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  • Old Mexican||

    Poor woman! Being electrocuted before the interview and bereft of a comb!

  • spank my wagon||

    I will never watch a show named after a person with a hyphenated name. Never!

  • fish||


    Nebbishy white guy (against) vs. Overweight, Don King coiffed black woman (in favor)!

    Cue Star Trek hand to hand combat theme music and let the games begin!

  • Knutsack||

    Whose show? Apparently, I've been away from cable tv too long.

    When does Mary Stack get a show?

  • shrike||

    Britain Deserves Better


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