Reason Writers Around the Internet: Peter Suderman Talks Chris Christie, Apple's New iPhone, and the Economy's Effect on the 2012 Election

Why did Chris Christie take so long to say no? Will the state of economy determine the outcome of the 2012 election? Why is the tech press so disappointed in the iPhone 4S? Reason Associate Editor Peter Suderman and Jamelle Bouie of The Nation and The American Prospect discuss these questions and more on Bloggingheads

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  • Tim||

    I've heard that the Obama economy was killing Jobs but this is ridiculous...

  • Bee Tagger||


  • rather||

    Why did Chris Christie take so long to say no I want to but....?

  • Tim||

    You use big words.

  • rather||

    I'll use a smaller font

  • ||

    Rob Barlett yesterday on Imus doing a Chris Christie impression:

    "I'm not running because none of your friggin business, that's why."


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