Matt Welch & Nick Gillespie Roll in to LA, Portland to talk about Declaration of Independents!

Attention, Los Angeles Reasonoids:

On Friday, July 29, Matt Welch and Nick Gillespie will discuss their new book, The Declaration of Independents: How Libertarian Politics Can Fix What's Wrong with America, at Los Angeles's famed Book Soup.


Friday, July 29


Book Soup

8818 Sunset Blvd. 

W. Hollywood CA 90069

telephone: 310.659.3110

Free parking behind the store via Nellas St.

And for Portland, Oregon folks, they will be talking at Powell's City of Books on Monday, August 1.


Monday, August 1

7.30PM PT

Powell's City of Books on Burnside

1005 W Burnside

(800) 878-7323      

Coming soon: Details on Chicago on August 16!

Read Gillespie and Welch's recent column in the Los Angeles Times on how independents in politics and new ways of organizing are changing the technology of politics:

In a country where the single largest political affiliation is now neither Democrat nor Republican but "independent" (38% according to Gallup and 37% according to the Pew Research Center) and where a whole generation of Americans has grown up fluent in the online skills that are disrupting incumbents in all other walks of life, the political winds seem to be blowing in the same direction: Away from dominant political tribes that are justifiably leaking market share and toward individuals who are fed up with bipartisan logjams that produce asinine policies.

Today, it's putting a dent in government spending, but tomorrow it could be legalizing marijuana in California, ending the federal prohibition of online poker, even rolling back the United States' seemingly endless commitments overseas. In a world where politicians are the problem, independents — and independence — are the future.

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  • Sudden||

    Celebrate Jimmy Carter by drinking some quality craft beer on tap for me guys. I am teh jealous.

  • Nash||

    Hey neat. I acutally work close by in Hollywood so I can actually attend without dealing with horrific freeway traffic. My first book signing!

  • Joe M||

    I've only been to one book signing. Douglas Adams for the release of Mostly Harmless back in 1992.

  • Jingles||

    I only lost my book signing cherry when Max Brooks came to town last year.

  • Paul||

    You know who else went on a book tour?

  • OO||

    ayn rand?

  • Jingles||

    Will definitely be at Powell's.

  • Tim||

    Book soup looks cute but that Powell's looks like a dump.

  • Jingles||

    That's just the checkout area, although I'll admit that it looks like crap in the photo. All of those buildings in the background? They're the rest of the store.

  • Tim||


  • Hmmm||


  • ||

    It may look like a dump but I've heard Powell's is amazing. Don't judge a... you know.

  • Brian C||

    Powell's is pretty amazing. Vast bookstore covering an entire block of old buildings that once housed car dealerships in the 20's and 30's. You can easily spend a day in there and still feel like you barely scratched the surface.

    Here's the entrance diagonally across the block:,,0,-1.92

  • ||

    Why the hate? Powell's Books have an excellent inventory.


    I'll buy it when you come to the Westside. Where your offices are.

  • ||

    Powell's has an excellent section on the Patriotic War. Digressing, I turned the channel when Maher and Co ganged up on Nick. I don't know why poeple like Maher always seem to stop political conversations at the same spot and not solve anything. Anyway, I'm going take a look at Powell's political biographies.


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