Reason Is Hiring!

Reason is now accepting applications for a new addition to our editorial staff. Candidates with experience in print and web-based publishing are welcome to apply. Relevant experience may include investigative reporting, long-form writing, blogging, and/or editing. Familiarity with Reason's past publications and style is a must. Job location is negotiable, D.C. or L.A. preferred.  

Reason ( is the libertarian magazine of "Free Minds and Free Markets." Reason magazine and cover politics, culture, and ideas through a provocative mix of news, analysis, commentary, and reviews. Reason provides a refreshing alternative to right-wing and left-wing opinion by making a principled case for liberty and individual choice in all areas of human activity.

To apply, please send a cover letter, resume, and a minimum of five clips to Amy Pelletier at

Application deadline: August 15, 2011

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  • Phlogistan||

    Hoozah! Hiring! I wish the applicants much luck!

  • Old Mexican||

    Please, Reason, I already have a job! Stop calling me!

  • ||

    Funny you say this, OM, I thought of you first. I would love to see a byline for J sub D, may he rest in peace.

    PS glad to have you back.

  • Fluffy||

    Can my five clips all be Hit N' Run posts?

  • Vegas SEO||

    lol, no one ever takes this seriously. At least, the people posting don't, heh.

  • ||

    Is telecommuting an option? From, say, just at random, oh, I dunno, West Texas or Santa Fe?

  • ||

    Job location is negotiable, D.C. or L.A. preferred.

    Never mind.

  • ||

    Job location is negotiable, D.C. or L.A. preferred.


    So if you are in LA does that mean Tim is your managing boss??

  • Sudden||

    Interestingly enough, L.A. keeps me in the running. I'd have to dig deep and clip some articles from my community college newspaper in order to have any substance. Although maybe THE URKOBOLD will let me guest editorialize just to get some content up into the ether of the series of tubes.

  • PIRS||

    Do you ever have openings for librarians? I am good at research - I would LOVE to work for Reason - but I am a librarian by training and experience.

  • ||

    I live in DC. But I doubt you could afford me. :-)

  • Hank||

    What's your policy on Columbus Day?

  • ||

    How about out of work History/English teachers? Is NJ a negotiable location? I can take the Acela to DC and...nevermind, faster to drive.

  • Jersey Patriot||

    Relevant experience may include investigative reporting, long-form writing, blogging, and/or editing.

    What, not blog commenting? Look into the future, Reason. And there, cancel my subscription.

  • Au H20||

    Actually, as a recent graduate, I do need a job...

  • Colin||

    Strange, that they have to advertise for a writer like this. I would have thought that they are constantly flooded with applicants. You always hear how such and such a writer was once turned down by Reason.

  • ||

    You always hear how such and such a writer was once turned down by Reason.

    That was just Gutfield and Brittebart and it was Postrel who would not hire them.

    I would explain why this is a counter argument to your statment but I think it is pretty self explanatory.

  • Brett L||

    Do I have to drink now?

  • butters||

    "What, not blog commenting? Look into the future" why not Facebook status harassment.

    im an cynical-asshole undergraduate (like Reason's founder) who hits the younger generation where it hits them closest to the heart with recent jems like today's:
    You (like 90% of its readers) clearly misunderstood every word of 1984. So tyranny at any level sub-Kim Jong Il is acceptable because people like you are concerned for their wellbeing? Do you think the Glorious Leader tells people he oppresses them out of pure capriciousness? You have avoided every point I've made by jumping back to the N.K. example of what you apparently see as the only authoritarian regime left in the world (most absurd thing I've heard since Global Warming causes Earthquakes). How does your cognitive dissonance let you sleep at night?

  • ||

    Why would you hire me when you know I'll keep providing you with top-notch commentary for free? Maybe I should go on strike so you all will appreciate me more.

  • ||

    So is this a job Reason created or one that Reason saved?

  • Moe19||


  • ||

    They should have a Reason idol contest and give it to one of the commentators.

  • Sudden||

    Eh, Idol has gotten bland. Let's do it "The Voice" style. We can call the competition "Teh Voicez" and have four teams, Gillespie, Welch, Cavanaugh, and Suderman (sorry Riggs, you're too green to get your own team).

    Balko can come back to be the Carson Daly moderator and to punch the woefully inadequate contestents in the nuts on a routine basis.

  • Citizen Nothing||

    Survivor: Hit and Run Edition.
    "Sorry, John. The tribe has spoken. (Nut punch.")
    "Owwwwwwwwwww! My balls!"
    That would get some ratings.

  • Sudden||

    We have reached Idiocracy. "Oww my balls" will be the top rated program in no time.

  • ||

    I think that's already a game show on Japanese TV.

  • ||

    They're not looking for popularity, they're looking for eyeball draws. Weigel and Moynihan weren't popular but you know they drove the page views.

  • Sudden||

    I'm beginning to think that STEVE SMITH will ultimately take over the new editorial post. It'll just be easier to recommend rape as a solution to all the world's ills than actually try to show people the numbers that don't add up.

  • David Weigel||


  • Banjos||

    Do you accept short, cute IP paralegals with horrible grammar?

  • ||

    Probably not, but some commenteres might accept them. How do you feel about smothering peanut butter all over your body?

  • Banjos||

    crunchy or smooth?

  • ||

    I have a strict BYOPB policy, so the choice is yours.

  • Banjos||

    Well smooth is sexier, but crunchy will give me enough traction so I won't accidentally slip and be smothered to death.

  • ||

    Yes, yes I do, Banjos. For certain values of "accept", anyway.

  • Sudden||

    Only if you bring the ring Frodo.

  • Anonymous Coward||

    I would like to nominate HERCULE TRIATHLON SAVINIEN for the editorial position.

  • Kristen||


  • ||

    I'm an award-winning journalist and libertarian.
    Plus, I've been banned from Hit&Run; twice for really disgusting comments.
    Added bonus: I used the fucking word "fuck" a fucking lot, plus the occasional "cunt-sniffer."
    - Jamie (

  • ||

    Maybe I should go on strike so you all will appreciate me more.

    Oh, horror.

  • Bradley||

    I nominate SugarFree. A large selection of his writing can be found at his blog. You can thank me later, Matt.

  •  ||

    I'm pretty sure they are looking for people who can actually write.
    You know, published clips, not diary entries.

  • wackyjack||

    Right. Give alt-text power to SF. We'll have poorly coded redirects to obscure third world porn sites...

    I vote for SF as well.

  • Jennifer||

    Does "send clips" mean "send an e-mail with attached documents" or "send an e-mail with links to published documents online?"

  • Tot Mom||

    Both would be prudent.

  • JOhnny MAckson||

    Ok. I'll do it, but I get to film everyone while they drop a deuce. Fascinating habits you meat bags have. LOL


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    Fascinating habits you meat bags have. LOL

  • ||

    Save Steigerwald!

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