Attn, DC Reasonoids: Come Hear Damon Root, Eugene Meyer, & Doug Kendall Debate Libertarian & Conservative SCOTUS Issues, Kagan Nom, McDonald Decision & More, Wed., June 30

During the Kagan Supreme Court nomination hearings and in the wake of the ruling on the Chicago gun ban case, Reason magazine and presents:

Conservatives v. Libertarians: Judicial Restraint and Constitutional

What: A debate between Reason Associate Editor Damon Root, The Constitutional Accountability Center's Doug Kendall, and Federalist Society President Eugene B. Meyer on fault lines in the Supreme Court and the future of American jurisprudence

When: Wednesday, June 30, 6.30-9pm

Where: Reason DC HQ, 1747 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington DC 20009 (Two blocks north of Dupont Circle; take Red Line Metro to Dupont Circle North exit)

Program starts sharply at 7pm. Audience Q&A to follow debate. Soft and hard drinks served. Please RSVP by sending an email to

Read Damon Root's July cover story, "Conservatives v. Libertarians."

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  • Max||

    How do you ratfuckers know what these libertarian gurus really think?

  • David Weigel||

    Hey dude, don't fuck with me. Besides I prostrated myself over at Big Government in hopes of receiving absolution for my sins. .

  • ||

    I'm about sick of people calling judges that turn over unconstitutional precedents as activist judges. Throwing out decades of the courts allowing government to overstep its bounds is originalism not activism.

  • Max||

    Calling judges as... what a ratfucking turn of phrase.

  • ||

    You're finally right about something. Neither of those sentences is worth a shit. But the point was made.

  • Max||

    The point is usually lost when the prose is so convoluted that it becomes a distraction. But it's such a little point. Who gives a fuck?

  • Jordan||

    No, actually when you resort to picking apart someone's grammar instead of their point, it means you don't have a point.

  • Christian louboutin seller||

    That's too bad .

  • Michael Jordan||

    im so doubht that Conservatives v. Libertarians: Judicial Restraint and Constitutional.

  • db||

    im so exchange that point 1 against point 2: sour bagels and deliberative.

  • mr simple||

    Will a video o this event be made available to those of us who don't live near DC?

  • ||

    I think you should hold this in your Sepulveda Blvd offices.

  • ||

    OK, thats making a lot of sense now. Seriously.


  • JEP||

    Webcast? Or at least a decent quality youtube video...

    unless there are cops there...


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