It's Like The Love Boat For Free Minds & Free Markets! Announcing Reason's First-Ever Cruise, February 2011!

Regular readers of this site and subscribers to the print edition of Reason already know that we're shoving off on our first-ever cruise in February 2011. Get more shiver-yer-timbers details here.

Among the Reason staffers who have already been shanghaiied into participating are Matt Welch, Jacob Sullum, Ron Bailey, and Nick Gillespie.

Our special guest stars include best-selling author Matt Ridley, whose latest tome is The Rational Optimist, and Patri Friedman, the visionary behind The Seasteading Institute. More speakers will be announced soon...

Here's what you'll get on the Reason cruise:

Moderated panel sessions featuring Reason editors and guest speakers, along with plenty of discussion.

Special additional sessions hosted by our cruise partner, The Seasteading Institute.

Many chances to meet and spend time with our editors and special guest speakers.

Exclusive parties and dining with our editors and guest speakers. You will dine with your fellow Reason cruise attendees, so that you have the chance to meet many of your fellow freedom lovers.

Admission to Reason seminars and ad-hoc sessions

Admission to numerous Reason cruise private cocktail receptions.

Admission to Reason group excursions.

Port charges, taxes, fuel surcharges, and government fees.

Accommodations and all meals.

We set sail from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on January 30 next year and return, god willing, February 6, after visiting exotic ports of call in Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the Northern Antilles. We'll be shipping out on Celebrity Cruise's Solstice, a big mother of a ship every bit as unsinkable as the Titanic and James Cameron's career put together. Double occupancy cabins start at around $1,500 per person and spaces are limited.

So come aboard, we're expecting you!

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  • mr simple||

    So are you going to be posting this everyday for the next 8 months?

  • DJF||

    Will Lobster Girl be on the cruise?

  • Bon Voyage||

    Heh. Have fun, and don't drop the soap on that boat!

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    Bring me back some of that gulf crude I've been hearing so much about.

  • Fhogg||

    WTF does you can expect "Port charges, taxes, fuel surcharges, and government fees." on your cruise mean?

    Does that mean I'm going to get nickle and dimed after my 1500 dollars???


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