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In his new film Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis, Swedish director Martin Borgs, using Cato scholar Johan Norberg's book Financial Fiasco as a road map, warns of the "greatest economic crisis of our age—the one that awaits us."

Borgs sat down with's Michael C. Moynihan before the film's Washington premiere to discuss how we got into the current mess and what Overdose prescribes to prevent future calamities.

Approx. 9 minutes. Shot by Dan Hayes and Meredith Bragg; edited by Bragg. Go to for downloadable iPod, HD, and audio versions of this and all videos.

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  • Cliché Bandit||


    HA, beat ya to it

  • Attorney||

    So sit down, bend forward, put your head firmly between your knees, and ...

  • Stephen||

    Ugh, I know it's a metaphor and this has nothing to do with drugs, but it is annoying to see a libertarian perpetuating the death-by-overdose myth, even in this minor way.

  • Cocky-locky||

    I'm with Henny Penny


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