Set Tivos to Stun: Drew Carey, Nick Gillespie, Dennis Kucinich, Reason Saves Cleveland on Stossel Tonight, 8PM

Tonight on John Stossel's eponymous Fox Business show, which airs at 8PM ET (check your local listings), Drew Carey, Nick Gillespie, former Mayor Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) and others talk about's Reason Saves Cleveland With Drew Carey, urban decline, and urban renewal.

Here's Stossel previewing the show:

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    Someday I'll find out who actually gets Fox Business in their channel lineup...sure would be nice.

  • ||

    DirecTV is the answer. They even got Versus back in time for the playoffs.

  • The Gobbler||

    I do. And yes it is.

  • Almanian||


  • Colin||

    Is Denny gonna be wearing a bulletproof vest?

  • ||

    I have it on FiOS.

  • ||

    You folks that get FBN, who is your provider?

  • Danno||

    I'm not a gay man, but if I were I'd totally do John Stossel. He's awesome!

  • ||

    When I had Directv, it was part of a "plus" package where you had too buy it with a group of second tier channels like g4. Being poor, I watched it in a small corner of the news mix channel for free.


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