The Ayn Rand T-Shirt! And Other Reason-Emblazoned Goodies!

As's 10-part, two-week series Radicals for Capitalism: Celebrating the Enduring Legacy of Ayn Rand's Ideas enters its final stretch, let me pitch one piece of merchandise that no Fountainhead, Atlas Shrugged, or Reason magazine fan—or Whittaker Chambers critic—should be without: a T-shirt emblazoned with the image of Reason's classic 1973 special issue on the former Alisa Rosenbaum.

It's available in many colors and many sizes, in women's and men's styles, in organic and less-than-organic fabric, at prices ranging from $21.99 to $24.99. Only Ellsworth Toohey could say no!

Go here or click on the image for ordering information and to see other Reason products ranging from aluminum water bottles to baby bibs to trucker hats to (dast we advertise it?) a made-in-the-USA thong featuring the logo of Reason Foundation, the nonprofit that publishes this website.

Earlier today, released an exclusive interview with Rand confidante Barbara Branden, author of The Passion of Ayn Rand. Tomorrow, we follow that with a new interview with Nathaniel Branden, Rand's one-time "intellectual heir" who chronicled his tumultuous personal and professional relationship with Rand in Judgment Day and My Years with Ayn Rand.

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  • WWJGD||

    Oops, I first read that last line as

    ...and My Years in Ayn Rand.
  • ||

    Is there one of those shirts with her wearing a beret?

  • Some Guy||

    Now if only communists would print these shirts for free and give them out to each other, it would be equally ironic as Che shirts at the mall.

  • JB||


  • Vox Diabolus||

    Man, what a great and hilarious idea. I wonder if there are any copyright-free images of her that would work.

  • ||

    Yes, a beret, with a dollar sign on it.

  • ||

    I would SO buy that.

  • Captain Internets ||

  • ||

    Sadly, the picture doesn't look anything like her.

    I'd rather keep the bitch image on the reason T-shirt, but maybe photoshop it a bit so she looks like she's giving people the finger as well.

  • Captain Internets ||

  • rst||

    Damn, you guys get serious hardons for that broad eh?

  • ||

    That picture of her is so "I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille," I imagine that it would be best worn for quick dips in the pool.

  • ||

    Totally. Wouldn't an Ayn Rand wet T-shirt contest be awesome?

  • ||

    Continental Congress 2009 live feed

  • ||

    I bet a tenth of the attendees are wearing tin foil. Either on their heads or around their scrotums.

  • ||

    Only Ellsworth Toohey Edward Morris Lefiti could say no!

  • ||

    Do you have a T-shirt that reads:
    Cause I'd rock that.

  • hmm||

    I'm on the fence about getting the thong. Do you think one of the staff could model one and post the image?

    Might I suggest a Reason leather jacket. Of course, only in black.

  • ||

    Only in NickGillespieBlack. Ordinary black won't do.

    And ... racist!

  • Attorney||

    How many Reason classic thongs get sold in a year?

  • Barney Frank||

    Thix or theven.

  • hmm||

    Oh god, I laughed.

  • ||

    Me too.... LOL

  • JB||


  • Barack Obama||

    I read that as - How many classic thongs get solid in a year and almost puked.

  • ||

    I read that as - How many classic thongs get soiled in a year.

  • ||

    Ordered the T-shirt a week ago and it still hasn't arrived ... perhaps I should have specified that I wanted it loaded on top of the FAST turtle Reason is using to deliver it ... ;)

    Yeah, yeah, living way the hell out in the middle of the Pacific slows delivery ... I get it ...

  • hmm||

    They probably shipped it UPS.

  • Grandpa||

    Back in the '70s, everything took six to eight weeks to arrive.

  • Barack Obama||

    "Yeah, yeah, living way the hell out in the middle of the Pacific slows delivery ... I get it ..."

    But water is a turtle's element.

  • ||

    That picture sucks. I always liked my shirt I made with this one:

    People always asked me if it was "some silent movie star".

  • ||

    COuldn't you like, make her wearing a beret, with a dollar sign on it?

  • The Primitive||

    Only the libertarians at Reason Magazine would be inconsistent enough to put Ayn Rand on an "eco-friendly" and "perfect for Earth Day" t-shirt. And this was the image she wanted to sue you guys for! She was right.

    (I do love the Reason Classic Thong though. It aids in measurement-omission.)

  • Andrew T||

    Hey, the enviro movement isn't all leftist hippies!

    Well OK, 99% of it is. But there are one or two free-market environmentalists out there. Haven't met any, but I've heard of them.

    So, when will Reason start selling T-shirts made of hemp?

  • Ellsworth Toohey||

    No thanks!

  • John Galt||



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