Now Playing at Nick Gillespie's Discusses His Summer Reading List on C-Span Editor in Chief Nick Gillespie shares his summer reading picks with CSPAN's "Summer Reading" program. 

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    We need a meta-hit and run where we can see videos of Nick Gillespie burping the alphabet.

  • a name before submitting the f||

    Nick, you say uhm and uh a lot. Please make a note of this.

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    Why is that embedded video starting already three minutes, seven seconds in? Hey, wait a minute...

  • WWJGD||

    I have not seen this on C-SPAN yet...I hate being behind. Then again, I've been watching the monkey show on the House floor all day.

  • Atanarjuat||

    Well, N.G.'s summer reading got a lot more hits than this guy's.

  • WWJGD||

    Is that his own book on his reading list?

    Really, Waxman?

  • 24AheadDotCom||

    I think NG's videos need more dynamism, maybe a soundtrack and some animation.

  • LFB||

    Laissez Faire Books is taking orders for Goddess of the Market, as well as the new Heller biography on Rand: Ayn Rand and the World She Made.

  • 24AheadDotCom||

    While I'm here, guess which Reason Contributing Editor led a pro-war rally back in 2003?

    Hint: it's the same one that's now smearing white southerners and that's lied and lied again about that issue, including on the RachelMaddow show.

    Maybe he's trying to bring down the Soros empire from the inside. Yeah, that's it.

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    Any SciFi summer reading recommendations?

    *New or obscure only please...i have read all the obvious ones.

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    "Nick, you say uhm and uh a lot."

    Maybe what ever Obama has is contagious.


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