Now Playing at Former FEC Head Brad Smith on how campaign finance laws pervert politics. And why John McCain won't shake his hand.

Former head of the Federal Election Commission, now a law professor at Capital University, talks with about how campaign finance laws punish political speech. And why John McCain won't shake Smith's hand. Approximately nine minutes.

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  • Paul||

    about how campaign finance laws punish political speech.

    But progressives say that's not true... so...

  • ||

    Stop blaming John McCain for being tortured by the Viet Cong. Everyone knows he can't brush his teeth, comb his hair, use a computer, or shake hands because those bastards twisted his arms.

  • BakedPenguin||

    Is it just me, or does he look like Mark McKinney?

  • Seward||

    From my POV the comment about supporters of "CFR" not giving up was the biggest take away point.

  • ||


    Maybe more like Mark and Dwight from The Office had some sort of horrible butt-baby.

  • Guy Montag||

    Another reason to leave the country, no matter who is elected!

    This list is getting pretty darn long.

  • Guy Montag||

    Did anybody else hear about the latest Sen. Biden quote about "jobs" being a three letter word?

  • ||

    Is it safe to say McCain didn't call Brad Smith "My friend"?

  • ||

    McCain calls people he hates "my friend" as well, especially people he hates.

  • ||

    Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

  • Mike Laursen||

    Last night, McCain came up with the line that right-wing talk radio will repeat endlessly about his loss: "... Obama has spent more money on negative ads than any candidate in history." Followed by a narrative about Obama not believing in campaign reform.

  • Mad Max||

    "Another reason to leave the country, no matter who is elected!"

    They may well ask you: "Where are you going to go, where are you going to run, where are you going to hide? Nowhere, because there's no one like you left."

  • John McCain||

    McCain calls people he hates "my friend" as well, especially people he hates.

    My friend, you suck.

  • ||

    Baked Penguin,

    I was thinking a young Czar Walters...

  • Paul||

    Can't believe McCain would call this guy a "bully, a coward" "and that he had no regard for the constitution".

    McCain must be defeated. Even though I know it won't have any effect on concepts of Campaing Finance Reform and public financing of elections, I can at least take solace that it's the repudiation of a major and powerful supporter of such schemes.

  • ||

    I realize that there are always two sides to the story and it is refreshing to hear the other side.
    I am amused that McCain was the one who rallied behind the "campaign finance reform" right up until it no longer worked for him. Reminds me of Willy Wonka - be sure what you wish for".
    At least now I can add the Clean Election Act to my brower alert list.


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