Intern at Reason This Summer

Reason magazine is accepting applications for the 2007 Burton C. Gray Memorial Internship.

The intern works 10 weeks during the summer in either our Washington, D.C. or Los Angeles offices, and receives a stipend of $2,000, plus up to $400 in travel expenses. Housing is provided by Reason.

The job includes reporting and writing for the print and online versions of Reason, helping with research, proofreading, and other tasks. Previous interns have gone on to work at such places as The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, ABC News, and Reason itself.

To apply, send your resume, up to five writing samples (published clips preferred), and a cover letter to: Gray Internship; c/o Brian Doherty, Reason; 3415 S. Sepulveda Blvd, Suite 400; Los Angeles, CA 90034.

Electronic applications can be sent to, with the subject line Gray Internship Application.

The deadline for receiving applications is March 23, 2007.

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    How does one "sense" a resumé?

  • ||

    Whose floor does the intern get to sleep on?

  • ||

    "How does one "sense" a resumé?"

    If you don't know, you aren't qualified to apply.

  • ||

    If it were Elle Woods' resume, you could smell it.

  • I. Self. Divine.||

    de stijl: I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who got baked and watched that horrible excuse for a movie on TBS last weekend.

  • Guy Montag||

    Is this open to 45 year olds with real jobs who have enough time to fart around and research stuff all day and night?

  • ||


  • ||

    I used to have a regular column in the prison newspaper

    does that count?

    can I bring my dogs?

  • thoreau||

    I can think of all sorts of legal problems if the offer of free housing is really just Jacob Sullum's couch. If nothing else, there's the second hand smoke...all sorts of smoke...

  • ||

    I think Sullum lives in TX now.

  • thoreau||

    Even worse, then. Forcing the intern to live in Texas during the summer would be cruel and unusual!

  • ||

    Is talent required? Because I'm short on that.

  • Pendulum||

    thoreau | February 6, 2007, 2:11pm | #
    Even worse, then. Forcing the intern to live in Texas ever would be cruel and unusual!


  • Jennifer||

    Whoever the new intern turns out to be, y'all need to BE NICE. Two month's exposure to Hit and Run commenters is enough to send an idealistic young libertarian screaming into the arms of the Socialist Party.

  • ||

    OK, I promise not to critique the intern's blog posts too harshly.

    Warren, you already know what my suggestion is for you.

    And to the usual suspects, let's just give the benefit of the doubt and assume the starving college student intern isn't getting bribes from anybody.

  • ||

    The minimum wage in Cailfornia is $7.50 an hour (that's a fact, I'm not advocating). If the intern works a forty hour week Reason will be paying $5.00 an hour. I think I'll keep flipping burgers, thank you.

  • steve||

    what are the dates the intern will be working?

  • ||

    Joe Burger: You are confusing money with value.

  • wayne||

    It must be discouraging to the Reason staff to post this job ad here and then to have to contend with all the derelicts who haunt the H&R site.


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