Word Clouds Over Reason

Reader Matt Ginivan sends along word of a "Word Cloud" based on Hit & Run content (he learned of the bit from former Reason editor Virginia Postrel's Dynamist blog). Here's a word salad graphic generated automatically and suitable for T-shirts:

And what the hell, here's one based on reason.com:

More here.

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    This can't be right -- it doesn't contain the words "French," "Gunnells," "transparency," "die Phil," or any profanity at all!

  • VM||

    and there's no reference to "assless chaps" or the famous sweaty pillow fight. and what about the pigskin bus???????? :)

    and phil: it's DER phil. ha ha. i'd suggest to that imaginary friend worshipping twaddlenock that he learn german better, lest he show off his twaddlenockery any further :)

    ha ha.


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    Whoa, cool!

    FYI, the page where you can actually build a Word Cloud is here:


    As a quick experiment, I put in the URL for the "Fruit of Islam" thread and it was kind of interesting.

    But I would really like to see how it handles one of threads where Jean Bart/Gary Gunnels/Hakluyt goes at it, or the "Dave W. curses Phil" thread.

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    and where is "nanny"

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    This is actually pretty cool... by finding e-texts I made clouds from a section of Tristram Shandy, Book I of the Aeneid, etc.

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    So far the best cloud I have developed (the one most representative of what the book is about or it's "feel") is from the part of The Life Of Johnson covering 1763. Very fun.

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    Combine this with Poject Gutenberg and you could, well, um, err...

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    Word hurricane, zoidburg? :)

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    Randomly sample us... Dig the fragments of our essence... Statistically observe our reality...

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    I wanna listen to some cyber-punk music. Anyone have any suggestions?

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    I don't see "corn syrup" either.

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    Try "whitehouse.gov" and Scott McClelland comes out as the hero.

  • Rich Ard||

    Anyone have any suggestions?


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    No RPG either. -sigh-

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    Didn't I see something like this on the cover of a 1959 Esquire?

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    Nothing about eminent domain? Huh.

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    Exactly, Eric. Couldn't think of the word!


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