ITC Flirts with Free Trade

The U.S. International Trade Commission just announced that it will conduct "changed circumstances" reviews to consider revoking punitive shrimp tariffs imposed on Thailand and India in January. That is, the commission has voted to conduct reviews to determine whether things have changed for the Thai and Indian shrimp farms. As today's Washington Post notes, those "changed circumstances" include one of the deadliest natural disasters in modern history, which happened to destroy 88,000 Indian fishing boats and 200,000 nets. But worry not--the commission won't move forward until it is absolutely certain America can survive a wave of discount shrimp.

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    Won't someone please think of the Bubba-Gumps?

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    mmmmm.... discount shrimp....

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    So what's the bumper sticker -- Save an Asian, Eat Some Gumbo?

  • Mark Bahner||

    A discount shrimp invasion, eh?

    "Bring 'em on!"


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