This month's cover image was created by Martin Ansin, an artist living in Montevideo, Uruguay. Ansin's work has appeared in a variety of publications, including Rolling Stone, Fortune, Playboy, Wired, Entertainment Weekly, and The New Yorker. He has also created promotional images for the TV show Archer.

In addition to his magazine and television work, Ansin has produced more than a dozen posters for Mondo, a company that issues high-quality limited-edition poster prints for classic and popular films, often in conjunction with special screenings. Ansin got his start working with Mondo when the company saw some of his personal illustrations on his portfolio website. "The guys at Mondo liked them enough to give me a chance to do a poster for a special screening of Metropolis," Ansin says, "and we've been working together since."

Ansin's reason cover plays on imagery from Grand Theft Auto V, replacing the young, tattooed slacker-gamer with a be-suited grown-up who is more representative of the modern gamer demographic. Ansin tweaked the gamer's accoutrements as well, throwing in a can of Four Loko and a recursive edition of reason magazine, but leaving the bong intact.

The game is the best-selling video game of 2013 and one of the most commercially successful games of all time. Ansin is a fan. He says he's played "most of the Grand Theft Auto [games] through the years, but I didn't get to finish the last one yet. It's getting harder to find the time for the longer games."

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