The Revolution in School Choice and Student-Based Funding

"School Choice Week is one of the rare occasions where we have an event at Reason that is mostly good news," explains Reason Magazine Managing Editor Katherine Mangu-Ward. "We tend to hold events that are like, 'The economy is a disaster, the political process is a disaster, our president is a disaster, all our alternatives to the president are a disaster.' So it's really nice to have this event, where everyone puts on their cute yellow scarves and [says] 'school choice is winning!'"

On Thursday, January 23, as part of National School Choice Week, Mangu-Ward hosted a discussion on the state of school choice in America with Reason's Director of Education Lisa Snell and Education Policy Analyst Katie Furtick, co-authors of The Weighted Student Formula Yearbook, which examines outcomes in school districts across the country that use portable student funding. 

During the presentation the three discussed their optimism about the growth in school choice, what specific actions schools districts are taking to expand options for parents and students, and how technology is reshaping the traditional classroom. 

About 23 minutes.

Produced by Meredith Bragg. Cameras by Todd Krainin and Bragg. 

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  • mr simple||

    So we're finally getting data showing improvement in educational outcomes due to school choice? Although I've always been on board due to the freedom and cost perspectives, this will counter any union complaints that only they can teach kids well. I'm sure they'll find other excuses for total government control, but I think most parents will be more open to the idea when you can actually show improved scores.

  • College||

    Well that is good for students. We should organize such kind of events. our daily life is so depressed. These events gives a relaxing moments for all of us.

  • Brett L||

    I'm sure firing public school teachers for showing an R movie that was mostly language/violence to a bunch of 15 and 16 year olds has nothing to do with poor outcomes.

  • ||

    If I was a teacher I would show Jeremiah Johnson which is rated "G" yet contains full frontal nudity and countless acts of bloody murder.

  • David Wall||

    If libertarians and others had at least fought for and the lost the fight for the liberation of primary and secondary education, one could then see some justification of the celebration these folks are taking in the spread of "school choice". But it strikes me as abject compromise for libertarians to associate with this "school choice" movement without even mentioning the real fight--ending all state sponsorship of public schools.

    God, how bad does it get to muster the moral courage to challenge the present system. The results are there for all to see--inner urban parents refuse to send their kids to public schools for safety reasons and they know it offers their kids no hope, and average middle class parents are finding out their kids are leaving high school unprepared for anything--college or the trades.

  • yogesh||

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