Sexy Bitcoins

The year is 2019, and 18-year-old Atlas Fawkes has been playing the part of a cryptocurrency Cassandra for years. The lanky teenaged hero of Kayleen Knight's ebook King of Bitcoin (Amazon) is weary of being mocked and devastated when his Bitcoin-mining rig is destroyed in a fire. But his spirits (and other parts) quickly lift when the dollar crashes and he becomes a Bitcoin "gazillionaire." Thus the stage is set for what is undoubtedly the first erotic novel about a decentralized digital currency.

Following the irresistible logic of post-apocalyptic porn, Atlas immediately embarks on a mission to spend his sudden riches on champagne, cocaine, fedoras, and a variety of women, including his English teacher, a multiracial band of "bitsluts," and the sexy, snooty cheerleader who was previously out of his league. A (presumably fake) cover blurb from "Ron Paul's Hairdresser" calls the book "a chilling vision of things to come." Can't argue with that.

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