What Mexican Wrestling Tells Us About the Immigration Debate

The professional wrestlers squaring off in Watsonville, California are unlike any you'd find on a World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) bill. In one corner, there's "el Patron de la Migra" - a border patrol agent - symbolizing America in all its brash, trash-talking swagger. And in the other corner there's Anibal Jr., a masked Mexican luchador who is a hero to the Latino community.

"It's Batman and the Joker. It's Superman and kryptonite. You have the ultimate good vs. the ultimate bad. And, for the most part, our shows are targeted to the Latino community, so the luchadores are the good guys," says promoter Gabriel Ramirez.

Ramirez founded Pro Wrestling Revolution (PWR), which sponsors lucha libre events for Latino audiences all over California, five years ago.

Even though the border patrol agents are cast as villains, an odd thing happens after the match. "After the cameras are turned off, the lights turned off, and the show's over, you'd be surprised at that small little line by the locker room of Latinos who want the autographs of la Migra," Ramirez says.

Approximately 4 minutes. Produced by Paul Feine and Alex Manning.

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