Table of Contents


2 The Corruptions of Being the World's Policeman

Obama's Syria blunder demonstrates the folly of playing international sheriff. Matt Welch

6 Contributors

7 Letters and Reaction

When policing becomes harassment…

12 Citings Gun grabs; SCOTUS v. freedom; cellphone tracking; ObamaCare for thee; online surveillance; change stupid immigration laws…


8 Eric Holder's Prison Break

The attorney general's belated but welcome criticism of mass incarceration and mandatory minimums. Jacob Sullum

10 No Utopia for Detroit

Until the Motor City fixes its services, liberal and libertarian renewal ideas will remain fantasy. Shikha Dalmia

18 The Kids Aren't All Right Younger Americans are being suffocated by spending, subsidies, and debt. Veronique de Rugy

54 Five Phony Public Health Scares

Activist misinformation harms Americans. Ronald Bailey

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