Would San Antonio Ordinance Really Ban Christians from Government? (Nanny of the Month, 7-13)

This month, busybodies have grounded a lawn chair balloonist and cracked down on internet porn, but Nanny of the Month zeros in on San Antonio, where a hubbub is brewing about whether a proposed ordinance might actually ban Christians from holding public office.

Is it an unprecedented attack on Christianity or just a bunch of right wingers hyping a phony threat! Tune in and decide for yourself!

Just under two minutes.

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  • ||

    All these laws enacted by mere mediocre minds point to but one poignant and pathetic reality:

    Fall of the west.

  • Jackand Ace||

    Of course its a bunch of right wingers hyping a phony threat...it always is.

  • Free Society||

    like the left calling for the need to ban guns because of INCREASES in violent crime, the US supposed leadership on general violent crime and INCREASING rates of 'gun crime'. But yeah, it's always those right wingers hyping phony threats...

  • Jackand Ace||

    Ah, what I meant was these kinds of defenses about perceived threats to Christianity, you know, like the war on Christmas...its in that vein.

    No need to get defensive...the article was about the right, not the left.

  • Free Society||

    Religious types always crow about the imminent collapse of society because more people aren't the zealots they wish they were. But that's not a uniquely left-right thing, it's a classic sales pitch for superstition.

    No one is defensive here. Just calling out factual inconsistencies with your statement about it being uniquely right-wing. If you were being sarcastic obviously I couldn't tell.

  • Jackand Ace||

    Defending Christianity against PERCEIVED slights is indeed uniquely a right wing manifestation. No sarcasm intended...fact. That defense comes routinely from not only Republican politicians (see above) but also right wing media...or have you never listened to O'Reilly, Hannity, Limbaugh, and well, all of FOX News? The fact that you could not identify sarcasm is because there was none.

  • Rabban||

    So by that logic, radical Islam is right wing? (I could see the argument that they are a type of "conservative" of dark aspects of their culture, ok.) But the left constantly defends their sacred cows as well. See war on women, AGW, dog whistles, ect.

  • JohnD||

    You remind me of the old saying: "It's better to remain silent....... etc.

  • ||

    I guess it's a good thing they can't ban stupid people from city council. For obvious reasons.

  • staceyshea40||

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  • ||

    Wouldn't it be fun just once to have one of these spamming pieces of shit available to beat the hell out of?

  • cavalier973||

    I saw this story a few days ago; Christians really shouldn't be running for office, idealistically speaking. It's a little like Christians joining a Satan-worshipping cult that slaughters kittens, so that they can make sure the kittens don't suffer too much pain.

  • Mark22||

    Are you kidding? Many of those supposedly left wing European welfare states are, in fact, Christian welfare states. Christians are even more concerned with things like "fighting inequality" and "human dignity" as excuses for big government than progressives and the idea that one can solve all problems through intrusive government has a long history with them.

  • nomoss||

    My protestant relatives embrace free will. They believe God gives them freedom to choose how they will live their lives, and so they therefore must also give their fellow humans the freedom to choose how they will live. A good many Europeans are self-righteous atheists who seem to have lost the values - humility, compassion, sanctity of life, and free will - which define the best of Christianity.

  • Free Society||

    Christianity is often used to justify socialism. Atheism is non-belief. One need not believe in superstition to see the value in limited government. All that's needed to see that value is to have superstitions and unfalsifiable claims used as a basis for legislation.

  • nomoss||

    I disagree. Secular humanism is often used to justify socialism. And religion and/or spirituality are not synonymous with superstition, though "superstition" is a derogatory term often used by (some) atheists who believe their belief system is superior to others' belief system(s). (At least Christianity espouses humility.) I did not, furthermore, say that a belief in protestantism was a prerequesite for small government. It was just an example of one belief system (within Christianity) where (some) individuals embrace free will and small government. It's going to be difficult to harness a powerful libertarian voice if libertarians want a metaphysical pecking order as well.

  • nomoss||

    Alright - a nod to Mark22 and Free Society: www.breitbart.com/Big-Governme.....Peter-King

  • JohnD||

    You are an example of what happens to your brain when you do too many drugs. Moron.

  • JohnD||

    The "you" in my post above being "Free Society"

  • Mark22||

    These people can rant against homosexuals or religion on their own time all they want. But they shouldn't be doing it while wearing a police uniform, approving building permits, or handing out marriage certificates. Such ordinances merely codify what should be appropriate professional behavior to begin with.

  • Free Society||

    They shouldn't be in police uniforms, permitting buildings or licensing marriage to begin with. Then you can avoid the whole arbitrary exercise of power thing.

  • checkblacknobility||

    Get the Jews out of Government and everything would be fine....ZOG

  • JohnD||

    Let me fix that for you check...
    Get the liberals out of government and everything would be fine.

  • JohnD||

    BTW, "Checkblacknobility"? I see little evidence of "Black Nobility". The few exceptions would be Dr Carson, Clarence Thomas and one or two others.

  • DeloresJGilliam||

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  • Disgusted_150||

    While I'm not sure of what to make of this particular situation, I must say that some of those on these boards are openly hostile to Christianity seemingly based on the fact that it is the most popular religion in the U.S. I do not see any sort of correlation between the church and socialism in America, except by those who would twist words to serve their own opinions about it. Those of you who claim this are more close-minded than you think. Not only is the Christian right against socialism (Reagan?), but to say that even a majority of Christians believe that socialism is appropriate is unsupportable by fact. Not only that, but you lump millions of Christians together when there are many different beliefs among them. It would be the same as me saying that all atheists believe that anarchy is the best way of life.

    For people who read something called REASON magazine, you all show a distinct lack of it...

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