Matt Welch Discusses Governor Christie's Anti-Libertarian Rant on FNC's Your World w/ Neil Cavuto

Reason magazine Editor-in-Chief Matt Welch discusses New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's belief that libertarianism is a "very dangerous thought" on Fox News Channel's Your World w/ Neil Cavuto.

Airdate:  July 26, 2013.

About 6 minutes.

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  • TommyK||

    Go Matt! Love it when he rails against the appeals to emotion trotted out by the other guest.

  • Rhino||

    Not sure how collecting my emails, phone calls, texts, etc will keep people safe. I'm not a danger to anyone. However, i could see IPAB using that information to one day say, "Oh he's a Libertarian. Not worth spending a bunch of money to cure his cancer."

  • Wintermute||

    What model call did they scrape Miss Big Hair, Little Brain from?

  • Render Unto Caesar||

    Matt's the coolest.

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