Presidential Action Figures

Wondering what to get for that special someone in your life who loves horror movies and presidential history? Look no further than the Presidential Monsters action figures produced by Heroes in Action Toys. These figurines of Zom-Bush, Wolf Bill (with real saxophone accessory!), the Monster from the Watergate Lagoon, and many more cost between $19.99 and $24.99; true fans of political horror can get a complete set for $154.99.

A nice counterpoint to the commemorative presidential dreck that fills D.C. around inauguration season, these dolls and their collectable cards showcase the darker side of the presidency. I’ll take a Baracula over a White House coffee mug any day.

The collection also includes Lincolnstein, plus JFK as The Phantom of the White House. Coming soon: Hilvira, Secretary of Stake; Frankenford; and Van Palin. Collect ’em all! —Katherine Mangu-Ward

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