Reason Mag: Sex in the Arab World, Drug Courts, the Real Jackie Robinson

The July 2013 edition of Reason has just hit news stands featuring articles about sex in the Arab world, why drug courts will undermine marijuana legalization, and how Hollywood has turned Jackie Robinson into a "safe" black rebel. 

Reason TV's Kennedy sits down with Reason Editor in Chief Matt Welch to find out what's in the newest issue of the nation's only magazine of "Free Minds and Free Markets."

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The magazine preview was shot by Joshua Swain and Amanda Winkler. Edited by Winkler. About 4 minutes long.

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  • ||

    Jackie Robinson is Ty Cobb?

    That's the best way to take out your anger: Sports.

    I've been known to take out my anger from time to time. A whack to the ankles here, a slide tackle there, a grabbing of the nipples here.

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  • Heroic Mulatto||

    Sex(y) in the Arab World. (Lebanon, in this example)

  • MJGreen||

    Probably not worse for women...

  • zafina502||

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  • np||

    I don't see feminism advocating an "explosion of sexuality" in culture, otherwise you wouldn't see them complaining and fighting so much against it. More like they are advocating removing sexuality from anything feminine.

    So ironically, modern feminists are a bit like conservatives in their aversion towards lust and sexual desire from men.

  • RBS||

    Why do these posts always bring the random commenters who for whatever reason blame society's ills on single mothers?

  • juris imprudent||

    And Libertarians are big fans of that welfare state, aren't they?

    I'm more socially liberal than most progressives, but fuck you if you think that means I should pay for your stupid choices.

  • ||

    Pederasty was widely accepted and practiced in the medieval Arab world.

    And it's still the middle ages over there...

  • triclops||

    I think it is pretty clear that single motherhood is not a great thing in large numbers. It's tough to argue against the evidence that such kids are more likely to come out fucked up. But the causes are complex and the "solutions" have their own problems. Think what great ideas would come from the "War on single parenthood".

  • np||

    I don't understand this assumption that sexual liberalism equates to single parenthood.

    Have sex, not babies (unless you really want them). C'mon folks, it's not hard to understand.

    Brazil Health Minister Urges More Sex, Dancing

    Brazil's health minister has a remedy for the nation's high-blood- pressure problem: More sex.

    Minister Jose Temporao says adults should be exercising more to help keep their blood pressure down — and he says a good cardiovascular workout includes sex, "always with protection, obviously."
  • glendaperry7||

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  • Gordilocks||

    Bitching about the welfare state - Libertarian

    Bitching about SoCon bullshit about a 'culture that promotes single motherhood' - The worst sort of collectivist thinking.

    All individuals are to be judged on their own merits and actions. SoCon group think is just another form of slaver collectivist nonsense. Fuck off.

  • Gordilocks||

    Complaining about the promotion of dependency and collectivism is one thing; blaming it all on any one 'group' of people is another.

    Many of the issues you identify are worthy of concern, yet it is always the individuals who act on those negative cultural values which cause the problem. I would just as soon tell any Islamist or racist, who spouted nonsense or attacked anyone, to fuck off as soon as I would tell a SoCon; but I'm not going to 'group' any of these people together, and debase whole swathes of people based on the actions of particular individuals; unless, of course, as a group, they break NAP, or try and force their nonsense on us via the state. The American Taliban are quite vociferous in their pursuit of that, yet many Christians are decent people who have the good sense to leave others alone - where does collectivist labelling or name calling get you with this dynamic? Same goes for everyone else.

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