Tea Party Flash Mob!

"The beauty of our country is that we can disagree," says Jenny Beth Martin, who is the co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots. "And you can't use the IRS to silent citizens."

Martin was one of about 40 protestors who gathered today outside the Internal Revenue Service's headquarters in Washington, D.C. to protest the agency for discriminating against tea party groups seeking tax-exempt status. Protestors came with signs bearing slogans such as "Don't Target Me Bro" and "Suspend IRS Audits." Similar rallies were held outside IRS offices across the country.

"We need a thorough investigation of who was involved," says Martin. "And those that were involved need to be held accountable."

Reason TV correspondent Kennedy was on the scene to see what today's protest was all about.

About 2.20.

Shot and edited by Jim Epstein, with help from Amanda Winkler.

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  • Hyperion||

    I don't know if the grey suit dude was just sort of slow, or if he had a 20 martini lunch.

  • Hyperion||

    And, firstest, biaathces!

  • Fatty Bolger||

    Doesn't count unless you put it in the original post.

  • Irish||

    Hyperion needs to learn that we have certain rules here, and we don't let just anyone break those rules.

  • Scarecrow Repair||

    HyR stands for Hyperion and Rules now?

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  • Mr Whipple||

    Well. I hope Adam Kokesh's July 4 Open Carry March on Washington DC is a little livelier.

  • Paul.||

    O=en carry gatherings are always boring. Like someone's gonna start shit when 3,000 people are packing heat... in the open.

  • Paul.||

    *open*. I fixed that... I know I did. I blame the squirrels.

  • General Butt Naked||

    All the youtube commandos are seriously freaking out about that march.

    You know the same guys that were all "blood of patriots and shit" 3 months ago.

    Hell, even James Yeager pulled the "It's gonna be a bloodbath!" card. Kokesh called him a coward for not going, so Yeager asked for kokesh's home address so that he could "show him he's not a coward".

    Of course adam obliged him, so Yeager made another "it's gonna be a bloodbath! What will the liberals say!?" video.

    Lotta drama surrounding this thing. I'm thinking of going with a video camera and checking it out.

  • ||

    If you do you can sell it to Reason as exclusive footage.

  • General Butt Naked||

    You for real, or just joking?

    I'd totally get up in that shit if there was some cash involved.

  • Mr Whipple||

    You should check out the FB event page. The trolls are quite lively.


  • General Butt Naked||

    Jesus man. I don't go on the facebook, and now I know why.

    Those dumbasses make our trolls look nuanced and thoughtful.


  • Muzzle of Bees||

    Best way to show you're not a coward is to tell everyone just how much you can beat someone up. Not to, you know, listen to criticism and offer a rebuttal. That's what pussies do!

  • SugarFree||

    Costumes, the Giant Puppet Heads of the right. Srsly, guys. Cut it out with the Colonial Williamsburg gift shop and Homeless Captain America nonsense.

  • From the Tundra||

    Seriously. The fucking theater does nothing to push the message. You're trying too hard, people. I keep waiting for an 18" Stonehenge with little people dancing around it.

  • SugarFree||

    I always think of Robert Anton Wilson talking about the the Democratic Convention Riots in Chicago. He said that you should always go to a protest in a clean suit and tie. If you dress like a typical hippie, the cops will know it's OK to beat the shit out of you.

  • Paul.||

    So to update the analogy, don't show up to a protest in a Colonial Williamsburg outfit, otherwise the IRS knows who to audit.

  • SugarFree||

    Bravo, sir.

  • Bruce Majors||

    The question is, is at least one of these two enthusiasts either certifiable or a government plant or both.

  • Fatty Bolger||

    There are always kooks at any demonstration, and they will always get attention from any media that shows up.

  • Bruce Majors||

    No PJTV etc covered the actual speakers. Only reason and Al Sharpton covered these two.

    By the way I've discovered if you dangle a Christmas ball in front of a reason staffer you can take their wallet and feel them up and they won't notice. ;)

  • Fatty Bolger||

    Pretty brave of Kennedy to wade into that seething den of extremist cutthroats. My God, just look at the violence and evil intent in their eyes. She's lucky to have gotten out alive.

  • Bruce Majors||

    They did strip her.

  • General Butt Naked||

    The Ukraine, haha!?

    Do you know what the Ukraine is?

    It's a sitting duck. A road apple.

    The Ukraine is weak, it's feeble!

  • LTC(ret) John||

    That makes me miss Dr. Groovus.

  • Bruce Majors||

    A little snarky. These two costumed guys were not among the organizers (I was) or the speakers. There were maybe 80 other people there. I knew NBC et al would focus on them but I didn't really expect you to. Sigh. Reason readers who want better coverage should try the Daily Caller or my eponymous YouTube channel.

  • Eric||

    The guy in the suit confirms all of my stereotypes about the TP - Fat, slow, middle-aged, whites, who can't articulate a thought worth a shit.
    I just wish he had called Obama a Socialist, Kenyan, Marxist, Muslim, Acorn-loving, coon...that would have really made my day.

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