Remy: Jim Carrey's Cold Dead Hand - A Rebuttal

Remy's rebuttal to Jim Carrey's anti-gun song, Cold Dead Hand.

About 2 minutes.

Music written and performed by Remy. Video by Meredith Bragg.

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Sometimes dudes minds are skewed
and they choose to go a-killin'
Because they saw a Batman villain
killing, well…ring a bell?

Sometimes stars get armed guards
When they make a million buck-ers
Then call you heartless mother fuckers
to want the same…as those with fame?

Polio and smallpox they no longer kill en masse
Because of vaccinations they are a thing of the past
But you tell parents to skip them and the science you contrast
Because just like in your movies…you're talking our your ass

It takes a talking ass
to oppose a vaccination
when your PhD is in
making funny faces

It takes a talking ass
to tell people they can't arm when
You don't walk around
without an armed bodyguard

It takes a talking ass
to call fans dumb and demented
When you are the one
who wants something uninvented

It takes a talking ass
to be out there passing blame
when you've shot someone
on every TV ever made

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  • MasterDarque||

    Poor Jim Carrey

  • Shirley_Willard||

    what Jeremy said I am stunned that a mom able to profit $7884 in four weeks on the computer. did you see this webpage...

  • Mizchief||

    Does this stupid shit ever work? God I hate these people.

  • ThatSkepticGuy||

    10 out of 10 Nigerian Princes say, "Yes".

  • John Galt||

    Poor Nigerians, they should contact the Americans. The Americans will give them money for free.

  • SiliconDoc||

    He'll need another vaccine shot from a larger gun after the two hanging on him are through with him.

    Seems to me that's what it's all about.

  • sarcasmic||


  • grey||

    Finally got around to this video, good. Need shit like this to feed the youtube brains with some truth.

    The vaccine deniers, I hate them, I hate them every one. I'm not sure where this falls in Libertarianism and I think people should have the right to vaccinate or not. But I think when they start with bullshit we have every right to shout their dumb asses down.

  • Andrew S.||

    And one of the last images reminded me of why I'll never follow through on a Carrey boycott. I really want to see Kick Ass 2.

  • Knoss||

    Really? I thought Kick Ass sucked.

  • sarcasmic||

    I liked it.

  • grey||

    Only Nicholas Cage movie in 10 years worth watching.

  • sarcasmic||

    Any movie in which Nicholas Cage dies by fire is a good movie in my book.

  • Mint Berry Crunch||

    Especially if he gets stung in the face by hundreds of bees.

  • ||


  • albo||

    I was torn. It was violence without any hint of emotion either way. Soulless. An autistic action film.

  • sarcasmic||

    That was the point.

  • Rhino||

    you know super hero movies are delusions of someone who escapes the helplessness and abuse of their real life by fantansies of super human powers and feats.

  • Paul.||

    Kick Ass was awesome.

  • Mint Berry Crunch||

    Very effective use of clips from those nearly 20-year-old movies, when Jim Carrey was still funny.

    (Though I'll admit to enjoying 'Bruce Almighty,' which is only 10 years old.)

  • Rich||

    Think we'll see a rebuttal, singing or otherwise, to this letter to Janet Napolitano?

  • Brandon||

    Does a 3 AM extradition count as a "rebuttal?"

  • John C. Randolph||

    Anybody remember when Jim Carrey was funny?

    Me, neither.


  • AlgerHiss||

    Isn't Jim Carrey suffering from cervical cancer?

    I believe they discovered it when he had his tubal ligation.

  • John Galt||

    Yes, Carrey is big loose bored out sloppy festered vagina. And we all know how hilarious those can be.

  • UCrawford||

    There's never an advantage in getting into a pissing contest with a mentally ill comedian. Carrey cracked up a few years ago after Jenny McCarthy dumped him, and his career's been in the crapper for awhile. Why is he worth paying attention to anymore?

    Always shoot up, not down. :)

  • grey||

    He fucked JM? I think she'd be an unbearable bitch, she isn't funny, but...

  • Loki||

    Remy is way funnier than Jim Carrey. Suck on that, Douche Ventura.

  • Brandon||

    Hey, when I was 11, Ace Ventura was the funniest thing in history. That was quality ass-talking.

  • ||

    When I was 11 disco was about to become king. That part of my life is blank to me due to mental block.
    I think it had to with the perm my Mom gave me and the butterfly satin shirt she made me wear.
    Now excuse me whilst I go lay in a fetal position in the corner and cry.

  • ||

    had to(sic) should say had to do.

  • John Galt||

    When I was 11 there were still Beatniks.

  • John Galt||

    ...and Beatniks were one hell of a lot funnier than Jim Carrey.

  • ||

    Larry Elder wrote a great rebuttal to Carrey's diatribe as well:


  • Paul.||

    Larry Elder wrote a great rebuttal to Carrey's diatribe as well:

    So did Logic.

  • grey||

    Very good link, thanks for posting.

  • burserker||

    his best movie was dumb and dumber; and like most actors, its because he didn't have to act much

  • izzyabby||

    Finally, someone to give Rosie O'Donnell a run for leftist useful idiot lifetime achievement award. I'm guessing $20 million a flick is history.

  • G-dub||

    Does Carrey in fact have armed bodyguards? Just curious.

  • Knoss||

    Yes, he actually tweeted that it was ok because they don't have 100 round magazines. (probably because they're heavy and jam a lot)

  • coradaved||

    as Raymond implied I am inspired that a student able to make $8012 in 1 month on the computer. have you read this site

  • Mizchief||

    Go fuck yourself.

  • Flatulent Monkey||

    Raymond is full of shit.

  • Keenerthanyou||

    Classic! Saw this on The Five on Fox News and had to check into

  • John Galt||

    Welcome to your new nightmare.

  • Ghetto Slovak Goatherder||

    Saw this on reason first and just saw on fox. Nice.

  • jeffcng||

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  • New Cassandra||

    This was neither musical or humourous. - The anti gun nuts will not be pissing their pants yet.

  • Donny York||

    Libertarian RANT LOVERS who may gather here:
    Apart from the instant exile forced upon New Yorkers who want to light up, "sin" taxing has raised the cost of cigarettes so that many who need them can't afford them. (Given nicotine’s scientifically verified benefit to some individuals’ successful daily functioning, our most charitable act for many of the less fortunate might be gifting cigarettes to them.)
    The CHIPRA children's health care program utterly depends on tobacco taxation, so "If You're Not Buying Cigarettes then What Kind of Citizen ARE You?" If you please, here's my YouTube of a foot-stomper so titled.

  • Cyto||

  • aaliyahjuhan||

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  • Bruce Bell||

    A long time ago Carrey said he would have been the one up in the tower (referring to Texas university shooter) if he didn't have his comedy outlet.

  • mariya||

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  • ||

    This is funny. I think the other one is funny too. I don't see the difference between Jims skit and the skits they do on SNL.

  • jili5||

    Well I was crippled by a flu vaccination so while whoever Remy is might be right about the issue of guns he would be well advised to do a little research into vaccinations instead blindly trusting government organizations ran by pharma corps. It's strange how people don't trust the government in some instances then without using their brain even the slightest they'll put their full faith in the government on another issue.

  • trig||

    The point is vaccinations have helped far more than they've harmed.. at least overall. Flu vaccines maybe not.


    Is this rebuttal what passes for insightful humor in libertarian circles? WHY is it that no one on the right or far right can do humor?

  • Teve Torbes||

    Agreed. This vid is not funny. Also agree that it is difficult to find humor done well by the right. However, there is at least one example of libertarian-leaning humor done well: South Park.

  • Alton543||

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  • Alton543||

    til I saw the receipt which was of $6530, I accept that my friends brother was like they say realey making money in their spare time from their computer.. there aunt had bean doing this for less than six months and as of now repayed the morgage on there villa and bourt Peugeot 205 GTi. we looked here,

  • Marshall Keith||

    Of course I used the video in my blog. Logic and Reason totally escape these people. A look at violence in the country all one has to look at how oppressive the government is. Violence in America is directly proportional to the oppression inflicted by the government.

  • croaker||

    I'm waiting for his next big hit: "Cold Dead Career",

  • ΘJΘʃ de águila||

    "Well, Jimbo, we can seize ur guns and deny you the means of self-defense and we can seize ur kid and vaccinate all day long -- We is the GubMent!! Whaddya gonna do about it? U soundlike some kinda anti-gubment terrorist or something. We gonna put you on the No-Fly list."

    "Well, Mr Carrey, I'm glad to hear you will voluntarily turn in all of your guns [saves us from taking them by force]. You are progressively chic in your modern, anti-redneck "no right to self-defense" thinking. The police are there to protect you, right around the corner. By the way, the police will also seize your child for vaccination. If you do not comply, the child will be removed from your abusive household by the wonderful and caring Child Protective Services. Have a fun day!"

  • wargames83||

    Too bad guns won't protect Reason from the invasion of the adbots.

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