Hollywood meets Wall Street: Author William Stadiem talks Moneywood

"Reagan was the voice of Wall Street. He was the embodiment of free enterprise and money and success, and that's what the people at the top of Hollywood always wanted," says William Stadiem, author of new book Moneywood.

After 1980s blockbusters like Star Wars and Top Gun, "Hollywood became a target of Wall Street," Stadiem says, "but what they were buying was not the art. They were buying the money."

Reason TV's Tracy Oppenheimer sat down with Stadiem to discuss the business of Hollywood, how Wall Street changed movie making, and why we are living in a golden age of television. 

Produced by Tracy Oppenheimer; camera by Zach Weissmueller and Sharif Matar.

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  • SteveE||

    I hope that Stadiem's book is more accurate this summary suggests:

    After 1980s blockbusters like Star Wars and Jaws, "Hollywood became a target of Wall Street," Stadiem says, "but what they were buying was not the art. They were buying the money."

    Star Wars came out in 1977, Jaws in 1975.

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    On the screen they flash The Empire Strikes Back poster, which is close enough to the decade in question. And the very best of the series, Jaws 3-D, was made in the 80's.

  • ||

    Charlie: That's how you become a cannibal, Dee. Look, you get one taste of delicious, delicious human meat, none of this stuff ever satisfies you ever again for the rest of your life.

    Dee: OK, now I just think that you're overreacting.

    Charlie: Oh, really?

    Dee: Yeah, that's stupid.

    Charlie: Is that stupid? Oh, I'm sorry, Dee! Well, then I guess Jaws 4 is stupid, OK? 'Cause that's the exact same plot!

  • CosmoBro||


  • sarcasmic||

    In the 1980s, after blockbusters like Star Wars and Jaws...

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