30 years ago in reason

“It is not surprising that classical liberals are not moved to action by feminist calls to the barricades when some feminists claim the right to ban prostitution and Playboy magazine, argue that the state ought to provide daycare and abortion services on demand (for ‘free’), and blame the oppression of women (and most other woes) on ‘capitalism.’”

 —Christopher W. Morris, “Why and How Women Should Be Free”

“Now, it is true that even a free market will have some irrational and ignorant people who refuse to believe that women can do anything but cook dinner and change diapers. But if the market is truly free, such people do not prevail. They are virtually irrelevant. They are refuted daily through the actions of more intelligent individuals, who recognize a woman’s capabilities and who profit from them.” 

—Peter Schwartz, “Women’s Worth”

—July 1982

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