30 Years Ago

“Licensing of stations is inseparable from some measure of censorship. Elimination of licensing would eliminate governmental evaluation of content.”

—Robert Docters, “Low-Power to the People”

“On the section of Westminster Place that was private, the crime rate between 1966 and 1973 was far lower than on the adjacent public streets. Relying on the same city police patrolling as the public streets received, Westminster had a crime rate that was 26 percent lower than on Waterman Avenue, one block south of Westminster, and 52 percent lower than on Washington Boulevard, one block north.”

—Theodore Gage, “Getting Street-Wise in St. Louis”

“Dale Lowdermilk would have our government outlaw black widow spiders. ‘They’re too dangerous.’ He is also pushing for a ‘sunburn law.’ ‘People must be protected,’ the safety advocate says. ‘What we need to stop skin cancer is laws that require hats, sunglasses, and sunshields on sunny days.’”

—Patrick Cox, “Assessor of Safety Silliness”

—August 1981

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