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The latest addition to Obama's staff

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  • ||

    Subtle wit isn't your strong suit, is it Payne? In fact I would say that subtlety and wit are also not your strong suits.

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    Why does Obama have a hole cut in his suit jacket? To show off his huge, white areola?

  • Progressive Media||

    It's clearly a right wing dog whistle call to violence.

    DHS needs to investigate this Payne extremist ASAP.

  • ||

    It's funny because it's true!

  • ||

    Shouldn't he be dragging a teleprompter out of there?

  • Almanian||


    Morning, sage

  • ||

    Mornin'! Thanks for getting that for me.

  • Fashion Police||

    Why is Obama in a mini dress and tights?

  • BushPig Obama||

    They must think I'm a prissy, prancing missy. I'll show them all how macho I can be!

  • Fatty Bolger||

    I never noticed Obama had a unibrow, until now.

  • Puffy||

    It's Ray Charles!

  • Zeke||

    But how would Ray Charles read the teleprompter?

  • canna bus||

    The brail-a-prompter? Sorry I don't have more time, I'm auditioning for the new voice of the Aflack duck.



    American Family Life Assurance of Columbus. Big in Japan.

  • Almanian||

    More-awful than normal. That must be difficult to pull off.


  • ConfederalRepublicBy2030||

    W and Barry. In one room. Alone. Doesn't Don't Ask, Don't Tell apply to politicians?

  • ||

    I keep having discussions with my liberal friends on facebook about Libya. They are all convinced how Libya is different than Iraq. The points are as follows.

    1. The evil George Bush lied us into Iraq. So therefore it is okay for Obama to go to war without even asking Congress.

    2. This war is like Bosnia and has international support and will therefore work out great unlike Iraq.

    3. The War Powers Act makes it totally legal, and therefore okay, for Obama to go to war without any public debate or Congressional approval. (I laughed out loud on that one. Can you imagine liberals thinking a Republican President has that much latitude under the act?)

    I don't know what the President knows. So maybe we do have a goal in Libya and a compelling reason to be there. I am willing to give any President the benefit of the doubt on that. But at some point even my benefit starts to run low. Just what is our goal in Libya? If it is to oust Gadafi, why are we not putting groung troops in and getting it over with? I don't see how a prolonged civil war is in anyone's, least of all the Libyian people's interest. If it is to protect civilians, how is our seemingly radom bombing campaign doing that?

  • Mr Whipple®©™||

    Ask your liberal friends how the rebels were able to set up a new central bank and a national oil company while getting their asses kicked all over the desert.

  • WTF ||

    Apparently NATO just killed some Libyan rebels.

  • Kolohe||

    "The only way to win is not to play to play on both sides.

  • sarcasmic||

    "Can you imagine liberals thinking"


    I can imagine them emoting and calling it thought, or reverse engineering a rationale for something that the feel, but thinking as in rational thought?

    Nope. Never in a million years.

  • creech||

    We'll see how long #3 is in play when Pres. Palin goes off on Chavez.

  • BushPig Obama||

    Shit, the way Hugo's been dissing Me, he might be My next foreign bloody adventure. Fuck My liberal base.

  • You don't||

    What really makes the war okay with liberals is the fact that there is no benefit in it for the United States.

  • ||

    As soon as American troops hit the beaches,the Lybians will join forces under Irans BS and fight the invading Westerners.Arabs go with the flow,they need a mob and they need the Imams approval, to breathe.

  • rather ||

    He reminds me of a smiling intern who just visited the POTUS in the oval office...

  • rather ||

    Hmm, what's that stain on his blue suit?

  • ||

    Wow. That is actually quite subversive and rather surprising from you Rather. +100

  • Almanian||

    Also, this implies that President Obama is not capable of writing his own speeches, and requires the help of a white man to do so.

    Therefore, RACIST!

  • Mr Whipple®©™||

    "My, what big ears you have."

    "All the better to hear the EU and Arab League."

  • Mr Whipple®©™||

    Giving a little too much credit to W there, doncha think?

  • Ray||

    Subtlety, Hank. Have a door which says "Chief Libya Speechwriter," and the silhouette in the window is Bush's.

  • iamtheeviltwin||

    how would you tell the silhouette of GW from that of Obama...they both are drawn with tiny heads and big ears by most editorial cartoonists...

    That being said, I at least smiled wryly at this one.

  • Mike M.||

    I love that his ear is bigger than his shoulder.

  • Quiet Desperation||

    Have to agree there. This caricature of Obama is a hoot.

  • Quiet Desperation||

    Oh, buuuururrrrrrnnnnn!

    Or something.

  • Max||

    This shit is like the Soviet "humor" of bygone days. You fucking doctrinaire ideologues actually find constantly attacking your offical enemies funny, but nobody else does.

  • Puffy||

    Max is a fucking fuck who fucking fucks every fucking thing fucking up.

  • BushPig Obama||

    Hate Hate Hate.

  • ||

    "Is that a cruise missile in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?"

  • BushPig Obama||


  • ConfederalRepublicBy2030||

    Max, Tony, and that other guy whose name I can't recall. That's three socialists/social democrats/statist/fascists/totalitarian absolutists (one or a combination of any). Wow. Do they breed like monocellular organisms, by multiplying?

  • ConfederalRepublicBy2030||


  • ||

    It pains me to say this, but Tony is actually funnier than this cartoon.

  • juicys1227||

    Better to have the power in the hands of a guy who is about to have to leave, come 8 years, than trust it with people who are going to be there till they have to pry the gavel from their cold dead hands.

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  • ||

    The Lybians will join forces under Irans BS and fight the invading Westerners.Arabs go with the flow,they need a mob and they need the Imams approval, to breathe.

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